The First Age

We all know something sleeps within humanity.  We eat up the legends: vampires, werewolves, superheroes.  We seek in dark theaters and we pour through boring tomes; and we secretly wonder if some sliver of the stories is real.  Legends are based on myth after all, and we don’t realize their origins have faded into time.

But time is not a black wasteland of questions. 

Time is a wheel

"Rogue guard" plot (con't)

See: Rogue Guard Plot

Fast forward a few days and Hood sets out to find Mr. Talanov's daughter.  A highly functioning man like Mr. Talanov could not go to the police.  He had to make a statement.  And he used Hood to do it.  


It was bloody and tense, but armed with an adorable little .22 pistol, and a few other tricks up his sleeve, Hood runs A Little Errand in the red-light district.