The First Age

We all know something sleeps within humanity.  We eat up the legends: vampires, werewolves, superheroes.  We seek in dark theaters and we pour through boring tomes; and we secretly wonder if some sliver of the stories is real.  Legends are based on myth after all, and we don’t realize their origins have faded into time.

But time is not a black wasteland of questions. 

Time is a wheel

The Baccarat Gala

Where the crème de la crème gather...

The Baccarat Mansion, located in the Place of Enlightenment is home to priceless displays of Baccarat crystal.  Only a few posts in and so far, Red Square Military Police have made an appearance, guns have been drawn and the gauntlet has been thrown.  Think this thread its all about high-tension drama?!  Think again!  The champagne has been flowing, and the high-status guest list is dripping elitism.  Wandering amid the debauchery we have the intimidating Mr. White acting as private security escort to an important Atharim financial backer and the extensively non-intimidating Jaxen, a professional thief who is both guest of the gala while casing the joint.  Surely nothing can go wrong....