The First Age

We all know something sleeps within humanity.  We eat up the legends: vampires, werewolves, superheroes.  We seek in dark theaters and we pour through boring tomes; and we secretly wonder if some sliver of the stories is real.  Legends are based on myth after all, and we don’t realize their origins have faded into time.

But time is not a black wasteland of questions. 

Time is a wheel

On the job

"We did the surgery.  Had to tie him down, least till the anesthetics took effect.  And it was...he...I mean, everything was there, right?  Heart, lungs, all the organs were there.  But they weren't...weren't right."

This plot began with a breaking Current Events story describing the unusual incident of a thoracic surgeon attacking the very patient whose life he just saved at the notorious Guardian hospital complex in Moscow.  The patient, who just had open heart surgery, survived by miraculously escaping out an upper floor window.

Custody Domestic Protection Services chief inspector Drayson was swiftly assigned to deal with the case.  His investigation has taken him to interrogating the surgeon, scouring video surveillance, and has now led him to the city's underground tunnels.  If Inspector Drayson keeps his wits about him, he may find the monster he seeks, unless he continues to be distracted by rescuing damsels in distress at Izmailovsky Market.  Focus, Drayson!