The First Age

We all know something sleeps within humanity.  We eat up the legends: vampires, werewolves, superheroes.  We seek in dark theaters and we pour through boring tomes; and we secretly wonder if some sliver of the stories is real.  Legends are based on myth after all, and we don’t realize their origins have faded into time.

But time is not a black wasteland of questions. 

Time is a wheel

The RP in Tech


An update to our continuing series on our RP in tech blog.

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This is going to be an image gallery blog post.  So click on the gallery below and scroll through cool images of 2045 technologies described by our writers.  


By far, the most common technology described are applications known as Wallets.  They are basically supercomputers + smart phones that project holographic screens into the air around them that may be manipulated by arm, hand, or finger motions.  Wrist bands may be worn to control the screens wirelessly and at a distance.


Transparent glass touchscreens are also commonplace and may be embedded in any type of material.  Workstations are commonly described in homes, offices and planes.


Finally, as opportunities for live-rp'd battles have taken place, both Land Warriors and Lens Warriors (the contact lens version) are often described.  They provide battle analysis views projected on the interior of clear or tinted glasses worn by a soldier or commander.