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RE: Infidels - Ascendancy - 05-29-2019

Asylum for the Atharim that proclaimed themselves.

It wasn’t a bad idea, but that meant they would need to be regulated and tracked. On one hand, he wanted to return to a world where the Atharim accomplished their jobs under the radar. On the other, maybe the Atharim were no longer necessary. Their knowledge was valuable. Their skills could be transferred, though. If competent Atharim were enveloped within Custody forces, a generation from now, the Atharim could be extinct and none would notice.

Until then, there was the problem of known criminals at large, and how did Nikolai judge the execution of these so-called monsters?
“You may be right, Nox. If they’re human, they’re due the same rights as channelers. Subject to the same laws.”

With that, they reached an understanding. “You’ll need to be official, of course,” he added with a hand-wave. “Working officially with domovoi has its perks: a steady paycheck for one. But you’ll be held to higher standards than you’re accustomed. Be mindful of laws and public perception. Work with the captains. You’re a consultant, not a subordinate. They’ll expect your arrival soon.”

He offered a final handshake.

RE: Infidels - Nox - 05-30-2019

Nox took the offered hand and thanked the Ascendancy. The whole laws and public perception thing was going to be difficult. He had a hard time with authority which was one reason why his dad had hated him so much. But a steady paycheck was a lot better than he'd hoped for. Getting out with his life had been his only goal - not a job. But it all worked out in the end. But it probably put a damper on working at Kallisti. He'd just found something outside of hunting... There was a lot to think on, a lot.