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- Dorian - 08-01-2016

Cruz didn't look down at Rachel looking up at him. He didn't want to see what was on her face. She wasn't safe here anymore than out in the rest of the world. What could he do to her. Cruz wrapped his arm around Rachel and sat down the couch they'd both left earlier. "It's nothing. Don't worry about. I don't understand it yet. There is nothing for you to worry over." Cruz knew it was a lie that he hoped Rachel would believe.

He really needed to talk to his father, but he'd not seen him since the day he learned he was some special creature born to wield an unknown magic. A creature his father had hunted without mercy. Cruz frowned. This was not a happy reunion he had expected it to be. He wanted to forget about the world outside, but he couldn't with Rachel's fears riding on his own. Maybe she should just go home. "Maybe you shouldn't have come." His voice was sad, he really liked Rachel. Despite her American heritage she was a classy girl. His father approved, but more importantly his grandfather would approve even though he'd not met her yet. He just knew this was going to end badly.

- Emily Shale - 08-01-2016

Rachel frowned as he sat down back on the couch. The soft music was still playing. She sat down next to him, feeling crushed that he wanted her to leave. The tone in his voice told him that he didn't want her to leave though.

She didn't believe him. Something was wrong and it was something he didn't want to tell her. Rachel took his hand in hers and turned his face to look at hers. Cruz would only see concern in her face.

Rachel hesitated for a moment, before she leaned in and gave him a kiss. "I want to be here right now. More than anything."
she said, taking his other hand in hers as well. "Tell me what's wrong. You can tell me anything."

The therapist in Rachel was coming out. She wanted to help Cruz through whatever struggle he was having.

- Dorian - 08-01-2016

Cruz wasn't sure, he could tell her. But what would his father do? What kinda of danger does he put Rachel and her family in if she knows what he can do - why he was so sick?

Cruz shook his head. "I can't tell you. You don't know what you are asking."

Cruz reached across the table to grab his wine glass and drank the last of it in one gulp. He didn't want to make Rachel worry and yet here he was doing just that. Again he was making her worry about him. Cruz sighed. "You could be in danger if I tell you. Hell, you could be in danger if I don't tell you." He knew so little about any of this.

Cruz took a deep breath and took his wallet from his pocket and sent his father a text. "Rachel is here. I said something stupid - not the secret - but still stupid. Help - please, too many questions."

Cruz smiled at Rachel. "My dad will help me get the answers I need so I can tell you more. Can you wait?"

- Emily Shale - 08-01-2016

Cruz couldn't tell her. He couldn't - why not? It wasn't Rachel's place to ask, but he could tell she was worried. Danger? What sort of danger would she be in just being with Cruz? She wondered, but she couldn't force him to tell her. At the very least, he offered to tell her later - when his father had spoken to him.

Rachel waited a moment, her glass of wine forgotten on a table. Cruz had all of her attention now. She still held his hands and with one of them, she interlaced her fingers with his.

"I don't want to leave,"
she said. "I can wait."

Cruz had truly captured the young Shale girl. She kissed him again on the cheek and leaned closer into him. "Hold me,"
she said. She had debated getting into his lap, but she didn't want to send him the wrong message.

- Dorian - 08-01-2016

Cruz was thankful for Rachel'a agreement but it set him on edge that he had to keep something from her. I was not something he did lightly, he'd seen what it could do with hours parents. Cruz pulled Rachel closer and whispered, "I'd like you to stay too."

They sat in relative silence for a while. Cruz jumped when his wallet buzzed. It was a repose from his father. 'Tomorrow a young man like you will be there to assist. He is like me as well. He can answer all your questions. I'm sorry I can't be there right now.'

Cruz replied to his father quickly that he understood the circumstances and he loved him. He hadn't said those words in a long time but he meant them. Cruz smiled at Rachel. "Tomorrow I will get some answers. Would you like to stay and be here with me?"

Cruz paled at his words and quickly added, "We have plenty of extra rooms. And we can send Palvo to your house for a change of clothes."

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- Emily Shale - 08-02-2016

Rachel snuggled in close to Cruz. He was hiding something, of that he was honest. But he was going to tell her later. Rachel wondered why he would tell her later and not now, but she would be patient. She hoped he wasn't gay - not that she would have a problem with that, but she really liked Cruz.

The way he held her told Rachel it wasn't the case, and she doubted there would be a need for this much secrecy if he was. She pushed all thoughts of that aside and just relaxed into Cruz.

At Cruz's slight mistake, she laughed. "You are such a gentleman."
She said with a broad smile. Then she leaned over and kissed him - longer than the one she had given him before.

"Yes, I'll stay,"
she said releasing the kiss. "In an extra room."
she added giving him a smile.

She moved away from Cruz and pulled her wallet from her purse. Sitting back down, she leaned into him and sent Emily a message saying she was staying at Cruz's tonight, making sure to tell her that it was in a separate room. She then sent another message to one of her servants that a man named Pavlo was coming to collect some things for her for an overnight trip.

After sending the second one, she received a reply from Emily who had surprisingly allowed the overnight trip. It showed a great deal of trust for both Rachel and Cruz.

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- Dorian - 08-02-2016

Cruz smiled when she added she'd stay in a separate room. It would likely be the only way that his father wouldn't get bent out of shape about a girl spending the night. It wasn't precisely his first time he'd snuck a girl in to his room, but he had no intention of sneaking anything with Rachel. He liked her - a lot.

He held Rachel a while longer in silence. He wanted to kiss her again, but he refrained - for now. They had all night. "I'm going to go find Pavlo, ask him to get things for you. Are you hungry? He can pick something up - anything on the way back."

"Some food would be nice. How does pasta sound?"

Cruz smiled. Pasta sounds excellent. I know just the place." He stood up and kissed the top of her head. "I'll be right back."

Cruz went in search of Pavlo to take care of the errands and came back into the study. "Shouldn't be long. What would you like to do in the mean time?"

- Emily Shale - 08-02-2016

When Cruz left the room to send Pavlo on his errand, Rachel got her glass of wine and sat back down with her legs on the sofa. She sipped her wine until Cruz got back.

He seemed more relaxed now, and as such, so did Rachel. She hadn't forgotten that he was hiding something, but yet she found relaxation all the same.

"I'm not sure,"
she said in response to his question. "We were dancing before."

She smiled at him and stood, giving a curtsy. "Shall we?"

- Dorian - 08-02-2016

Cruz nodded. "We can do that." He smiled at Rachel as he stood up and took her hand and walked out to the middle of the study floor and held her close. The music was still playing from earlier. It was more than swaying this time - Cruz lead Rachel through a waltz.

It had been a while since Cruz had danced with anyone other than his mother or his cousin, he'd never taken a date to the corporate fundraisers at the house. Maybe that would change. He smiled at the thought.

The music played softly and they danced in silence. Cruz enjoyed having Rachel close. But Pavlo came back carrying a bag of Rache's things and a paper bag of food. It smelled great. Cruz took both bags from Pavlo with a nod, "Thank you."

Cruz handed Rachel her bag. "Here you go." He smiled. It was almost a little scary having her spend the night. What was his father going to say? What if his mother came home and found her? Problems for another day.

Cruz set the paper bag down and started opening up containers. Pavlo returned with china plates and silverware. "Would you like to use the Dinning Room, Master Cruz?"

Cruz shook his head. "Here is fine. Thank you."

Cruz set down a plate in front of them both. "Let's eat."

- Emily Shale - 08-03-2016

Rachel relaxed during the waltz. The waltz was an easy dance and Rachel had grown up learning how to ballroom dance. To be honest, it was great having a partner that knew how to lead. She didn't speak as they danced. She just enjoyed the moment, the chaos outside forgotten.

Pavlo entered with her bag and delicious smelling food. "Thank you,"
she said to Pavlo who gave her a smile and polite nod.

Rachel took her bag from Cruz and offered him thanks as well before setting it down next to the sofa and taking a seat. She dished the food out as Cruz took his seat. Her stomach rumbled a bit at the scent.

she said with a smile. "I must be hungrier than I thought."

They had gotten fettuccini in an alfredo sauce and it was very good. Despite her hunger, Rachel still ate politely. She was already slightly embarrassed that her stomach had rumbled.

"This is very good. Where is it from?"
she asked. "Oh and my other sister will be coming soon!"
she said with some excitement.

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