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- Cain Belasis - 08-29-2016

Cain shivered when Emily took hold of her magic. He got goosebumps all down his arms. It was... odd that their magics would be so fundamentally different. Even though the redhead had an odd sensation while Emily used her power, he didn't see or sense her spells at all. It was a distinctly uncomfortable feeling to see the effects of the spell without feeling the mechanisms behind it. Cain had some sympathy for non-magic-users and how overwhelming it must be for them.

Still, why would magic be so fundamentally different between men and women? He vaguely recalled that the Sickness effected people at different ages based on their genders. But what about trans people? Or gender queer people? Did it depend on biological sex entirely? And if so, what happened with intersex folks or Klinefelter's man or a Turner's woman? Huffing, Cain decided to leave those questions to the scientists. He'd try to surf the web later on Nox's wallet (or on his own if Sage came through) to see if anyone had investigated that yet.

Huh, he'd assumed that there was a 'water' element, but it hadn't been confirmed. Air, Water, Earth, Fire... "Spirit,"
he mumbled. The others turned to him, and Cain coughed, blushing a bit. "Ah, well... there's this old cartoon. Er, came out before we were born; the details aren't important. It's just... those four groupings of elements are actually pretty rare. The traditional elements were fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. The show, uh, had those four elements spirit."
Spirit-bending to be specific, but Cain didn't feel the need to reveal just how nerdy he was.

- Nox - 08-30-2016

Nox grinned at Cain's cryptic statement. If it weren't for the stupid things his father made him watch he'd have let it go. But he actually understood what he had said. "Yeah but they only could touch one element at a time. Not all of them like we do. Only one person could do all of them."
The cartoon was old, had been remade but his father cussed out all of the newer ones - never as good as the original he'd claim. He said the same thing about Star Wars too. He was never happy.

Cruz practiced with his light ball for a while longer before Pavlo interrupted their little group of magic users. "Master Cain. A package has arrived for you."

Nox grinned. "Sage is sending you gifts? I want something off of it, if you don't mind. I'm sure he's got his lovely little "contact" app on it so he can track you all over the world and pester you with whatever question he's got. I need it. I need to talk to him."
Nox intended to install the app on his wallet. He had a task for Sage among other things.

Nox grinned playfully, "He's probably got a little love note too, ready and waiting once you power it up. At least that's how he played it with Aurora."

Pavlo interrupted again. "Master Cruz, lunch is served in the dinning room."

Cruz nodded and stood up offering Rachel and Emily an arm each. "Food sounds good. I'm famished. Pavlo, If you could prepare a room for Nox. And Cain? I think one or both might be staying for a while. I doubt my father will be happy to have me alone and unprotected while he does his real job."

Pavlo nodded. "As you wish Master Cruz. I will prepare two rooms."

Cruz led the ladies out of the study and towards the dining room. He didn't even look back to see if Cain or Nox were following. Rich bastard!

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- Emily Shale - 09-01-2016

Rachel took one arm and Emily took another. Emily was slightly appalled that Cruz had turned his back on his other guests, but didn't say anything. It wasn't her place.

However, if Rachel suggested it, it would be part of her girlfriend duties to do so.

"Cruz, hon, don't forget that you have other guests."

The words were said without anger or irritation. They were merely a slight reminder.