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- Aria - 09-03-2013

*bleep* Aria sighed, what now? Aria pulled her wallet out from under the cot. The only time it would should make noise, if Aria had set it correctly, was when someone from the Atharim was trying to get in touch. She sighed. Not even here a day and there was more things to do.

Aria filled to the new message. It was from Father Stone. Ugh. She disliked that man even more now than when she had first met him, and that meeting hadn't gone well at all.

"Report to me ASAP!"

Aria sighed. There was nothing more, just a message to go to him. There was little more to do other than go. What few things she owned all fit in to one bag, now there were things that she had to add.

Aria busied herself with repacking her things. She was able to fit everything into the one duffle she'd brought and wondered why she hadn't brought the things to begin with.

With a quick glance around Aria nodded confident she had everything she needed. She turned to Rune. "It seems I've got to go back to headquarters. Tell Mr. White thanks for the use of his living room." She smiled, "Maybe we'll get to work together again sometime."

Aria grabbed her single sword left and tied it to the duffle bag, the other hilt was in the bag waiting for a new blade, when she had the time to hunt down a blacksmith in Moscow. That should be fun. Aria's guns were belted on and she picked up her bag and her wallet and made her way to the nearest train. Back to the Place of Enlightened and Father Stone.

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