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Table for one
Candy worked the side of the entertainment stage, and Mist worked the bar side.  Two new face sat at the bar.  Though maybe not new, but ones she didn't remember anyway.  She walked past the other patrons with a smile.  "The show's about to start you will join us, won't you?"  The man grinned at her as she touched his shoulder and she gave him a playful smile before moving on to the next.  She stopped at the men at the bar with the same smile, touching each of their shoulders.  "You will join us, won't you boys? The shows about to start."

The departing smile was seductive as she parted the ways to the velvet rope.  In practiced fashion both she and Candy reached the velvet ropes at the same time.  It was time to begin...

The lounge was loud and busy and the theater doors were closed with a velvet rope blocking the entrance.  Two scantly clad women painted in gold wearing a thin gauze draping their bodies sashayed through the crowd to the door and the rope was released from its decorative perch.  The two women clinked their fingers together with a pair of fingers cymbals.  They pushed opened the doors to the theater and beckoned the patrons in.

It was dimly lit in shades of blues and purples and stars scattered the room.  It might look like a planetarium if the shadows of the ceiling and room didn't change the way the world looked.  The two women before slipped into the shadows and disappeared in the curtained walls.

Faint music played as the patrons entered the room. Both sides of the stage were frantic with movement, but the stage looked serene in the pale blue star light.

The lights dimmed to darkness. The music changed.  Soft and romantic, the sounds of the harmonica filled the room as the stars appeared and against the dark screen two people in tight embrace emerge from the darkness as the saxophone starts to play.  The silhouettes separate and dance away, their hands the only thing touching.  Their long lean limbs stretch and curl around each other as they move.  The light gets brighter and a piano intermingles into the music as a third character dressed in pharaoh garb enters the stage the screen drops revealing a painted with the night sky, blues and purples with golden stars, the woman dressed in the browns and greens of our the earth, leaves flowing through her hair.  

The pharaoh tries to travel through the dancing pair but the he can't pass, every time he tries the pair close the distance in a deep embrace.  The music grows angry.  After every attempt the the pharaoh stomps his foot and then leaves.  Exit stage right.  

Another dressed in similar attire comes on stage looking tired.  The pharaoh comes to him, the music pleading and motioning towards the dancing pair who are oblivious to anything else other than each other.  Still dancing to the tune in their own minds.

With a heavy sigh, she interrupts the dancing pair, grabbing both by the wrists and pulling them apart.  They let go as the music changes the Spanish guitar singing songs of melancholy.  The earth starts to weep half the lighting near the stage starts to turn to blue with the shimmers of an underwater world.  The sky is separated forcefully from the earth and the pharaoh triumphant rides through between the separated sky and earth on a chariot of gold.  As the lights dim a shooting star falls from the sky, and fish swim in the sea including a clown fish accompanied by a surgeonfish.

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