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Illusion and Fire
[[ @Elyse you can jump in here for the interview ]]

Sterling hadn't been to school in three days. The first two days she spent wandering the streets looking for ways to learn how to use this gift she didn't know much about.  Today she was tired of trying to find a better way to do it and headed back to Kallisti. Her parents were already pissed she was missing school.  So it wasn't going to make things any worse.  What were they going to do?  Stay home and make sure she didn't leave?  Take her to school and watch her the whole time?  They both had lives and neither of them really cared anyway.  Her brother was all in and they had diverted their attentions to him -- the good kid now.  Sterling rolled her eyes.

Raisa was pissed too -- Sterling hadn't invited her on her outings, and she wasn't about to take her down here and meet her cousin.  She'd fawn all over him and embarrass her even more than she already did.  Raisa was so into hot boys... Too bad Nox liked boys too and had his own boyfriend.  They were cute, but Sterling was hardly interested her cousin's love life.  She wanted to learn to make illusions and bend fire like Juls did.  Or even half of what she'd seen Nox doing.  He was amazing in comparison.  But he couldn't teach her no matter how hard she tried.  He didn't even try though which pissed her off more than anything.

Sterling slipped down the alley and into the side door.  

The moment she was inside Juls was standing there hands on her hips and tapping her foot like she was her mama. "Why aren't you in school?"

Sterling grinned, "I can't think so why should I be? I'll die if I don't get this mastered."

Juls rolled her eyes. "You aren't going to die. You know how to do the basics."

Sterling giggled. "But I will."  She started gagging and holding her throat.  "See."

Juls sighed. "Be glad Nox isn't here.  He'd march you back to school and tell your parents."

Sterling shook her head. "No he wouldn't.  He'd make me in enroll in some stupid online school and make me do work before I can touch the power.  You won't tell him I'm here will you?"

"We'll see." Juls said. "Come one, you can watch while I practice and then maybe after the interview is done you can get up there and try."

"Oh. Thank you." Sterling said following Juls into the lounge area where the rest of the girls waited with smiles and waves and a hug from Mae.

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