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Internal Affairs
Dorian chuckled. "I assume your mistress has an answer. Otherwise he might find himself in an accident only Domovoi can solve." Leading him into Nox's tunnels should be simple enough Dorian thought to himself. There were plenty of monsters to kill him. And Nox knew where those deadly monsters were, the unknown ones. What better way to get Domovoi involved in that creepy case...

A plan was forming. "Well Ms. Kao?"

Yun looked at Dorian like she was taking stock and then nodded. "I want to meet your boy god first. But you will stay with me until we find a means to take care of your IA tail."

Dorian grinned and offered her his hand. "Deal?"

She eyed his hand then shook it. Dorian grinned at her and said. "I think I have an idea."

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