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Internal Affairs
Yun smiled. She had him. At least she was confident he would agree. Information for safety seemed like a good deal to her. He wanted his family safe, and he wasn't opposed to going against the grain. If he was truly outed by the Atharim, the police and Yun were his only options and how much would the CCDPD actually help a terrorist? Yun on the other hand - they could work out a deal.

"All in due time, Detective Vega. All in due time. First let me have my men escort you to a shower, a change of clothes and a hot meal. Then you and I can have that little talk in a more amendable situation. Unless you'd like to make a run for it in which I'd have to take extradorinary measure. I beleive your wife is home alone while you boys are out doing what it is they do."

Dorian paled, but he nodded. The sickly color did not suit him, he would protect his family. That was was a given, but would he agree outright? But he said nothing more and Yun had Slav untie him and stuff him in another bag. "Only a temporary solution, Detective. I don't want you to find my little hole in the wall here. We'll remove the bag when we get to our destination and if we come to an agreement it shouldn't be necessary again."

Yun's only response was a grunt from the Detective. But he was pliable and they would make good time - no fighting but not surrendered, not yet.

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