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Nox hated being an asshole to Ivan. Hated that he had pushed so hard to keep the innocent safe, it felt wrong but he didn't want someone who didn't think before they jumped. It was bad enough he did it. But Ivan didn't understand this wasn't about good versus evil. It was bad versus badder. They weren't going to stop hunting him - not until they were all dead.

Nox felt a pang of relief and sat on the couch thinking about what was next, but there were so many other things to take care of Elyse was out and about god knows where doing god knows what. He couldn't protect her if she was gone. She was Atharim, but she was also small and innocent.

Then there was Aria who was off seeing a dangerous man and hunting an even dangerous one.

And Sage... and what had happened with Jay those were thoughts he didn't even want to have but they seemed to invade every other moment. Dorian's hand on his shoulder made him jump. And the buzz of his wallet made him jump even higher. Shit!

Nox pulled out his wallet and looked at the alert. It wasn't a text - it was Aria's emergency beacon. GPS coordinates sent with her last known location. The beacon wasn't transmitting anymore.


Nox caught Dorian's hand on his shoulder. "Keep Cruz inside. Turn the feeds back on and watch the perimeter. Aria's in trouble."

The look on Dorian's face was concern. "Should you go out alone? It could be a trap."

"It may be but Aria is in trouble. Dorian I can't. I need you here with Cruz. I'll be back as soon as I can."

Dorian laughed. "I can take care of my son while you are gone. On your way back you should stop and see Sage. Christian says he's awake and staying for a few days."

I sighed. "Maybe."
Dorian left the study and went in search of Cruz. Nox grabbed his gun and headed out the door with his leather coat. This was turning out to be a really shitty day.

continued here

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