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Tony nodded. It was always satisfying to see another survive in spite of the odds. "We should get right to the point, how much do you know? What restrictions do you have

"I know far too little for my liking, but enough. I can at least manage to seize the power consistently, although it took me two years to figure it out." Dr. Oborev smiled and flashed his crooked white teeth. "It was not pleasant, but I survived."

"Do it now, then."
Tony said, seizing the power himself. "I will teach you a few things you may find useful."

The Doctor was hesitant, but Tony felt the rush of power flow through the man. He could not hold as much as Tony, but that could change at any moment. In any case, it didn't matter, it didn't require much strength to do what was necessary.

He started with a simple weave of Air and Water that produced a chime like a bell. He watched Dr. Oborev's eyes widened and fumble to copy the pattern.

After a moment of uncertainty, a second chime joined Tony's. "Amazing. I did not know that these...paterns created something, although it seems obvious now."
Oborev's face turned pensive. "Perhaps if I could analyse the patterns I could extrapolate the data to target specific viruses or cancerous growths."

Tony's laugh drew an annoyed frown out of the doctor. "Am I right in assuming that's how you found out about your...talents? A miracle healing?"

Oborev nodded, puzzled but intrigued.

"It makes no difference, my friend. I can teach you how to heal anything short of death itself. As long as the patient has the will and the life to withstand the intensity."

The man's eyes brightened at that, but Tony held up a hand. "Far too dangerous to teach you now. Healing is one of the hardest things to learn, and if you slip up...well, it could kill both you and the patient."

He waited for the man to nod before continuing. "I promise you, I will teach you as soon as possible, but for now, let's stick to the basics."

Tony showed Oborev a few simple weaves for the man to improve his skills. He was a far better student than any he had had, and picked things up quickly.

He would have liked to have given the man some more instruction, but their time had run out. Rising, Tony said, "That should keep you occupied. We shall meet again next week, and I hope we can begin our operation."

Oborev wasn't exactly delighted by the idea, but he looked resolute. "In for the long haul, as they say, right? I never thought I would find myself tangled up in such a thing. I'm a doctor, not a hero."

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