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A Chilly Abode
Tony desperately wanted to drown in a sea of alcoholic oblivion, but he retained enough of his old dignity for the last of his kin.

He snatched at the power that shone like a raging river, ever present, haunting his every waking moment.

It eluded his grasp as his eyes blurred and his stomach heaved, but it would pass in time. It had to pass, it was the only thing he had left. That, and the fool of a boy that had strode out of the house, filled to the brim with his own power.

It chilled him every time he thought of the lad's sheer volatility. The way he thought to use his power - unconsciously, Tony was sure - was madness, but perhaps he could be saved. Perhaps.

Tony groaned as he shifted himself on the couch, his chest a flare of pain. He had made sure to check for infection and burn it away before it could take hold, but the inability to heal himself was taking its toll - and he wouldn't trust Michael to heal a bruise.

He was tired, but he would endure a little longer. He could not remember much and tried to forget the things he could but he would not let it be for nothing. He still had a little more he could give.

He was not sure how long it would take for him to recover, it took a little longer each time he eluded death, but for once in the longest time he felt himself relax.

The boy HAD given him something back, even if he was a horrible student. He was Tony's student.

Aware that he was rambling inside his own head, he let himself doze off, a small smile on his face despite the pain.


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