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Glamorous Business
Acoustics designed to dull the room of sound from the stage. Her platform was the smallest one in Manifesto, fitting with the personal themes in Block 1, with barely enough room for the expanse of Spectra's dress, let alone allow it to be shared by more than one at a time. Rainfall began to glitter around its edge that disappeared in a tiny slit in the floor, making an incredible, shimmering pane of water that kept her presence a surprise. Down-lighting and other luminosities drew designs on the wet canvas, and painted a picture of abstract colors and shapes that flickered with the accompanying rise in music.

The water slowed to droplets soundlessly falling like diamonds on velvet, and Spectra began to sing. Her soprano voice was softened by the heat of her accent, but the light and water drenched her in mystery that did not quite fully give any one person the complete image of her beauty.

Her own heart quickened. Was she nervous? Every face in the room was mesmerized by her. Her song was filtered and electrified, she was not a renown vocalist, but synchronized with the shearing sounds of harmony, she was indeed a welcome surprise for all of Block 1. It invigorated her already eager stage presence, and she sang soulfully.

The song ended to rounds of applause, and Spectra felt herself smile, soaking in their adoration. Elated, she was helped from the stage. Her couture dress sparkled metallic jade, and lay against her skin like it were designed for her. And it had. After three redesigns, the shape finally, and perfectly, cut into her luscious curves. Only perfection could be paired with the million-dollars worth of jewels that dripped along her bust like a lover's hand.

Ten agonizing minutes delayed her arrival to Yulian's group, the man whose fees guaranteed her presence tonight, but when she did, she almost doted upon him so generous was her attention to the otherwise parched human being.

she greeted him with a dual kiss that did not quite touch his cheeks. They applauded her again, and Spectra threw her head back with affectionate gratitude that somehow evolved into praises for Yulian. Though behind the stumped old man's head, Spectra was aware of the number of eyes meeting hers which clearly disagreed.

Including one man she did not recognize from previous gatherings.

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