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Family Crisis
Dorian decided up was probably likely, he followed the signal and found his son curled up in a ball leaning between two book cases. He was pale. Dorian hurried to his son and the moment he touched him he pulled his hand back. "You are burning up."

Cruz was barely conscious. Dorian reached underneath his arms and helped his son stand up. There was an overwhelming rush of worry and anxiety running through Dorian's body. Why was Cruz so sick?

Cruz could barely put one foot in front of the other as Dorian helped him move towards the elevator. Going down stairs would likely cause a problem. Then the worst possible thought dawned on Dorian. Every sick child he'd seen had been near Cruz's age with fever and shakes from the sickness. Dorian almost lost his grip on his son with the thoughts. He had to focus on walking and supporting his son. The elevator would be quicker and easier, but it was the stairs that were the safest. Cruz couldn't be seen. The CCD quarantined anyone with the sickness, and if you had the sickness you were immediately on the Atharim's radar. Which meant Cruz was in danger. He, himself, was now in danger if the Atharim found out.

Shit! First he finds out he's working with a reborn god, and then he finds another with in the Atharim's own ranks - now his son is one? If he survives. Dorian sighed. He was going to have to figure out what to do one way or the other. But he was not about to let Cruz die. He had to figure out how to save his son.

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