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She did not notice the drift of Mara's unfinished sentence, of course. She was content with the little rippling changes to their environment, just as she was content with ropey wet hair and none of the discomfort of it thick and sopping against her shoulders. Mara was easy to exist with. The ancient nature of their friendship precluded words, if any distinct memories were predictably slippery. As the grass died, Nim ran paint-splashed fingers over the brittle strands, drifting drifting drifting on the strange tide that might take her thoughts any number of unusual places.

Then Mara asked a question, funnelling all that magnitude into a single thought. "Usually only when she bothers me. Like when I had to send her Calvin. But I have had many Others, and they are much and one the same." The unravelling of her multitudes, so to speak, both separate entities and not. She cared for her Other out of obligation, since they were bound, but honestly did not waste much thought on the intricacies of her life. It was a world Nimeda could not traverse, and as such one that did not concern her. She shrugged. "So long as she is happy, I am content. Do you think much on yours?"

The same thing, and not. But Mara rarely spoke of the awake world, so Nimeda assumed a distinction, and naturally separated the two in her own image. A grin glittered on the edge of her lips, quite purposefully pretending ignorance of the eyes blinking curious all around them.

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