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Tell Me Now
He gave in. And then in a moment the world around them changed. Blinded by the power of the gods, Zef covered her eyes and when they were clear again, he was gone. He dashed down the street and into the labyrinth of the red light district. Zef growled -- that was two that got away... or more if you counted all of Durante's friends including the Ascendancy.

"Not worth chasing the traitor. But he won't be seeking asylum with us anytime soon." Zef took out her wallet and put out all all hands alert for a traitorous god that he was. He was not going to find sanctuary with the Atharim. Only death and destruction... He'd have no choice but to surrender... Not exactly the plan she was going for.

Grym's satchel began to squirm and make sounds. "What did you pick up?"
The tension between the three of them felt like their feet were planted in concrete. Grym’s breath caught in her lungs. Then, finally, something happened. Jerry motioned and before she could comprehend what happened, light blinded in a thousand broken flashes. Grym gasped, shielding herself on instinct.

When she stood back up, Jerry was as good as gone. She frowned, knowing there was no point in chasing him. She holstered the battle axe, to the relief of her arms.

Zephyr reminded her that she had a package. “Well, I’m not sure to be honest,” she said. “You know anyone who will want to take a look at this? If not, I’ll squish the bastard faster than a cockroach in the kitchen.”
‡‡ GRYM ‡‡
She captured a creature? Zef smiled. "At least something good came of that. The scientist that wants Durante would want this I think. See what makes them tick."

Zef sent a message to the woman who'd been messaging Jer.

Durante escaped. The inquisitor is a reborn god. We got a beastie, you game?"
Disappointing. But Durante would join her willingly at some point. But the creature would be useful. She replied with her coordinates.

Excellent. Bring it in."
Zef looked to Grym and smiled. "Looks like the Atharim scientist wants to take a look at your critter."

The critter squirmed in the bag. "Though you could smack it around a few times shut it up so we can get there without like looking like we are smuggling a cat or a kid or something." That wouldn't work well. And the Atharim wouldn't want to have to explain that away. "Might be fun. And we can make that report to the Atharim about the Inquisitor. He won't last long. Someone will find him and kill him. Maybe we'll get a second chance."
There was nothing worse than a traitor. Atharim gods were rumored among all their order, but it was an entirely different matter to face one yourself. It made you question all your contacts. When anyone could be an enemy, even those nestled deep in the Atharim’s leadership, you wondered what it was all for.

“How do we know the person that takes these reports isn’t a god themselves and will delete it to protect him? How do we know who we can trust at all?” she frowned, knowing there was no answer.

The creature in the sack squirmed, and Grym punched the wiggling bag. It settled after that, but Grym wasn’t going to open it up to see if it was still alive. That was a problem for the scientist.

After that, she bid Zephyr to lead the way. Afterward, she wanted to get somewhere where she knew she could trust those at her back.
‡‡ GRYM ‡‡
That was a big question. And Zef didn't know how to answer it. Not yet. But they had been doing the same thing for thousands of years with the same threat and same worry. How did we know the gods weren't among us then? We allied with them in the stories. They helped us destroy themselves... it was the question for the ages.

But Zef would follow protocol until it was found to be unsound to do so.

[[ continued here ]]

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