The First Age

Full Version: Gareth Rice
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Rowan’s personal servant, paid handsomely for his services. French native. Tends to the second level of the cafe, but can be found on the first floor and basement as required.

Gareth’s father, Vic Rice, serves Rowan’s father, Seamus Finnegan; Gareth was brought on by his father’s suggestion. Gareth grew up alongside Rowan and Aiden; although they were not particularly close. Gareth is charged with looking out for Rowan (he is on Seamus’ payroll.) He fell in love with Rowan at the age of 14 and would still, to this day, do anything to make sure that she is happy. Holds a slight contempt for Aiden Finnegan in his disregard for his sister, as Gareth precieves it.

6’0″, 175 lbs, swimmer’s build. Brown hair, cropped and parted; light green eyes. Dresses conservatively, favoring startched shirts, sweater vests, and slacks. Typically wears a black suit when on duty. Professional and courteous air.