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So we're getting an announcement today. Confirmation of the casting rumour maybe?
That looks like exactly what is was.... Who was cast as Moiraine!

Pretty sure that was the rumor I saw floating around.

article from dragonmount
It was the one I saw too. Pretty happy with that.
Not a bad choice. She has a sound to her voice and will nail the death-stare. Also has a sense of agelessness (as close as we mere mortals can achieve it)
I guarantee Caia-mun is disgusted though. hah. 
Thumbs up.
I am incredibly pleased with the choice. Can't wait to see who they pick for Lan, the boys (they better be hot!), the girls, and Siuan.
Lan should be an easy cast. Siuan could be anyone. The girls are easy. Perrin would be easy. Mat may be a little hard. Rand going to be the hardest cast.
(06-20-2019, 09:19 PM)Jaxen Marveet Wrote: [ -> ]I guarantee Caia-mun is disgusted though. hah. 
Thumbs up.

I had the same thought, haha.
Who will be the next cast-member to be announced? 

Fine!! I'll agree to play Tam. Stop pestering me. :-)
Regarding the Emond fielders casting, the most important question to ask:

How tall is Josha Stradowski? Because fuck his looks, acting ability, and hair color. That SOB better be 6'6" or the show is doomed.
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