The First Age

Full Version: New Job
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New Job.  New places.  New friends?  Ilesha wondered if she should stop by Kallisti and see Oriena and Claire.  Maybe they could share with her some more.  Or she could share things with her.  This app that Consulate DoBois gave her was amazing.  Truly so.  

It wasn't very intuitive at first.  The interface was not how she imagined it working.  But it was wonderful.  She could see the patterns of the power that created things.  It was harder to manipulate at first.  To understand what she was seeing and how to interpret it into the system, but once it was there it was there and she could play with it.  

It didn't always do as she expected, but that was the case with all things.  It learned and the representation was almost spot on.  It was incredible.

Ilesha sat in a shared cubical type space inside of the facility being used and played with the metals in front of her and the application.  She'd have to see about bringing in the motorcycle engine she was rebuilding to see how those worked with the program.  It was easier to work on things she understood than with the plain scraps she had.  

But the program was amazing, and there was so much to learn about it, metals, and geology and so many other things.  There were piles of books on her desk she was reading.