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The Kallisti thread with the Dranaika and Nox has been burning a whole in my head for some time now. While I plan on using bits and peices of this Fanfic in game, I kinda want to write what's running through my head out anyway knowing it won't go like this in game. So this is a portal stone adventure for Nox.

The title is in reference to the following quote on wikipedia:
<dd> </dd>
Shakta Hindu and Tantric sects additionally worship her as the ultimate reality or Brahman.
~ cite: Kali on Wikipedia

Below is a basic bio for Kali:

Name: Kali Dagher
Age: 23
Occupation: Student at Moscow University
[Image: aeebab855575.jpg]

Abilities: Sentient - can manipulate a persons emotions permanently with the touch

Kali grew up in Mumbai, India in a Sentient community that taught her all about her abilities and the spiritual nature of its uses. Kali was disenchanted with it and left on her own at 18.

She's traveled to Paris, Berlin, and London and now is currently residing in Moscow attending Moscow University.
The night was an utter waste of time. Pyotr was boring as usual - without Bas hanging was difficult. There was always this awkward feeling when Pyotr was around. The whole catching his friend checking him out made Nox nervous. It wasn't the first time a guy had shown interest. It wasn't likely the last time either. It came with the whole I am great philosophy, Nox expected a few guys to pick up the vibe too. Nox knew his egotism was getting the better of him, but who was he to purge such fantastical thoughts from his own head. Everyone thought they were great. It helped Nox get through the day. Every fucking day - every nightmare - every hunt gone wrong - every disappointing failure of his life.

And right now even the beer and the good show was hardly a match for the resounding depression lingering inside. His life was empty without Aurora. Celebrating Bas was just a facade. Nox wanted to curl up in his bed alone and fall into the black hole of grief. But he pushed forward - he made himself get up after his nightmares and use Dorian's basement to get a good workout in. He made himself make breakfast instead of letting Christian cook for him. Everyday was a new challenge. Tonight had been no different. It was just another string of failures right after the other. Something Nox should have been used to by now, but he wasn't.

But the night changed when Bas' thug friends showed up and pointed to the dangerous woman who was stalking a uniformed soldier. Her blood red lips, the slinky black dress and the high heels spoke danger, but it was the way she moved that said she was a predator. She moved with the grace of a cat, but with the attitude of a King Cobra who knew exactly what she was doing.

Nox watched as she spoke to the man in uniform. His companions were now lost in the murmur of the club. He had only eyes for the danger at hand. It was perfect - beautiful. The hunt - it called strongly to him. Almost as strong as the power of the gods. The two combined were the only thing worth getting out of bed in the morning. He was going soft in the few days he'd been at Dorian's. He would have to remedy that.

Pyotr left him hanging alone with the two thugs. There was no reason to stay so Nox dropped some cash on the table and smiled. "Enjoy your night. I'm gonna see about a girl." It was meant as a tip for the waitress but if they wanted to grab it would barely buy another drink in that joint. Nox had already spent way too much money and he really had no means of making more money now that he wasn't going to get a check from the Atharim much longer. Just another piece bullshit that he had to deal with - thanks Aria.

Nox dropped the power and walked casually over to the pair he hadn't taken his eyes from. He looked the uniform up and down with a grin then turned to the she-devil in disguise. "I don't think your uniform wants to play. I'm game." He leaned close to whisper into her ear, careful not to touch her in any place. "I can be anything you want, Duckling."

She slowly turned her gaze to him, those dark predatory eyes both frightening and hypnotic. For a moment, it seemed he could get lost in them. A single hand teased out slowly, the sharp blood red nails tipping the long elegant fingers playing with the pearls at her throat. Voice throaty. "Duckling..." she said, as if savoring the words. A hint of a smile touched her blood red lips. A low chuckle from her throat, felt as much as heard. "And you. You wish to be my... lamb?"

He bit his bottom lip in anticipation of what those fingers on her necklace could do. He chuckled at her words as much as his own thoughts. She'd rip him open like that lamb, but it was all part of the game. Nox loved the game. "I don't know if I will bleat well, but I'll be your lamb." It hadn't sounded so cheezy in his head. "I'll be your anything. I'll do anything. Tell me your fantasy and I'll grant it." The line rarely worked in this fashion, but it had worked in the past.

She looked at him and then back to the uniformed man with a sly grin. "And you? Do have anything to say?" Nox wondered if she wanted to play more than just a simple game. Nox didn't need to play, he only had to follow her when she left.

Nox shrugged. "If you want to waste your time chasing a man who is clearly on duty." Nox turned and walked a few steps before he turned back around with a smile. "I said I'd be anything you wanted. I'm won't compete with someone I got nothing on." Nox turned and felt a small stab of regret in his actions. He wanted this ploy to work. It would be easier he told himself. It had nothing to do with the commitment he'd made to a particular girl. At least that what he kept telling himself.

Her dark eyes weighed him. "One drink. There," she said, pointing to a secluded spot. "I like to sample my lamb before I order it." And then, without looking to see if he'd follow, she turned, her hips swaying off toward one of the more secluded corners. The tight black thigh length cocktail dress drew long elegant lines and he couldn't help but stare. Damn, it was too bad really she was the mark - the monster. In that moment Nox hoped he was wrong in his assessment of the danger.

Nox dutifully followed, he was to be a lamb to the slaughter, he could act the part. He let his desire show. It wasn't feigned, Nox knew it was partially the danger but she was attractive. A vision of Elyse floated through his mind which he stomped down promptly. Nox watched as the dranaika slide into the booth and the smile from her blood red lips was not what he expected. It was a perfect smile even if it was laced with seduction. Nox wondered where the teeth were. Dranaika were part of the myths of vampires. Hidden fangs. Nox had not actually tried to get up close and personal with one before.

Nox slide in next to her. His leg a hairs breath from hers. Touch was dangerous. Touch could give him away. He smiled at her and licked his lips waiting for her next instruction. There was no feigning his desire. It had been a long time since he'd played this game. Nox's heart raced, his breath was quick and shallow. No he wasn't faking the desire.

Her sharp nails gently touched the nape of his neck even as a server came and took their order sending a shiver down his spine. Fuck! "Absinthe rimmed with e sugar." The words were smooth and silky and made his skin prickle with desire.

"Forgive me, lamb, but you do not seem the type of man to frequent this establishment." Her smile tried to take the sting out of it.

Nox shrugged and her nails dug deeper into his skin from the gesture. He bit back the hiss of enjoyment from the pressure. He wasn't here to get laid. He did have to keep his mind on things. He focused on his words. "I go where there is fun to be had. It's difficult to find the right girl in this situation. No touching, makes the game harder. And the prices just aren't worth the effort - most of the time." He grinned at her. "Tonight is so worth it."

Her smile seemed genuine now, as if she were impressed with his honesty. Her touch became a bit softer. Somehow, she softened. The sharpness of her eyes had melted a little, seemed a bit more rounder. The predatory gaze had all but vanished. Not that her dress didn't still promise evil. But there was an innocence about her now, as if she could drop the charade now that he was being more honest. "Aww...You think I'm worth the effort? With all the beautiful women here?" There was something girlish in the way she said it.

The change in her behavior took Nox by surprise. The allure from before had changed, she was starting to remind him more of Elyse than of the predator from before. It was hard to put a finger on it, but had he been wrong? Was this just a girl playing a game? Her drink arrived and Nox took it from their server with gentle fingers and set it down on the napkin and slid it to her.

He was slightly disappointed but he smiled at her. If he'd been wrong this was the wrong game to play. He'd wanted something from the interaction and now that was falling flat on it's ass. The hardness from his catch was gone - she changed the game on him.

Nox looked down pretending to be the shy little lamb she wanted at first. The catch, the chase, she was playing him. He looked up at her through the hair that had fallen in front of his eyes. "How can I please you?"

She smiled at him again and squeezed his neck gently sending bolts of electricity down his spine. She took a sip and seemed to luxuriate in the taste, licking her lips and taking a deep breath. "Please me...hmm....Well. There are crude and obvious ways. But you didn't come here for that. Or at least that's what you said." She winked at him.

"Perhaps all I want is your company?" She whispered conspiratorially. "Maybe we can find some trouble. That is, if you like trouble. The city IS on high alert. I can think of a few places we can go that might be worth the difficulty." She raised an eyebrow to him as she took another sip. And gently rubbed his neck.

"I like trouble." He smiled. Her touch was intoxicating, it was no wonder dranaika were successful in theirs hunts. But Nox still doubted his earlier observation. "I'm ready for whatever you can dish out."

She waved her hand and Nox slide across the seat out of the booth with a grin. This was going to be a good night.
Nox followed the dranaika through Kallisti, he caught sight of Bas' friend and he grinned at them as he caught up to her and wrapped an arm around her waist. The air outside was cool but Nox was warm for other reasons. The waist under his arm was warm and supple and she smiled softly at him. Nox grinned, "So where we going, Duckling?"

The laugh that left her blood red lips was high and mischievous. It tickled the back of Nox's neck making the little hairs stand on end. What was it about her? But she didn't say anything about where they were going or what they were going to do once they got there. Nox felt her hip move underneath his hand, the slippery silk of her dress warm against his hand. She was alluring - tempting.

It felt like they'd walked for hours before she stopped in front of the Vostok Tower - Nox read that back in the early 2000s that it was the tallest building in Moscow. Now it paled in comparison. She looked up and smiled. "Wanna go up?"

Nox looked up and shuddered. A sultry laugh echoed in his ear. "You aren't afraid of heights, are you?"

Nox looked at those near black eyes in the darkness and smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes where there was fear. "Nah. Not afraid of heights - afraid of falling." Nox's voice wavered as he chuckled at his comment. Fear pulsed through his veins. His breath was quick and his palms were sweaty.

She took pity on him with those eyes and Nox's ire rose. He didn't like when someone pitied him. But she smiled and touched his cheek with soft cold hands and ran her supple fingers over his jaw line, stroking the hairs on it with care. His heart rate increased with the touch, what he could imagine she could do with those fingers.

Nox gulped and licked his lips as he gazed down in to her eyes. It was the first time he'd noticed how short she was compared to him. But then nearly everyone was short compared to him. She ran a finger over the line of her collar bone and down towards her breasts with the tip of her fingernail. Nox's attention was lost in the gesture as she leaned in and whispered, "I can provide incentive. Each level you go up, I'll offer a view you can't get anywhere else."
Incentive? Nox sighed. Not exactly what he had in mind, but there was a strong desire to join her to be close to her. Nox looked up at the towering building and knew that this was a mistake but he nodded his ascent. Fuck he was really going to do this - and for what?

She touched his cheek again and Nox smiled. "Fine. Let's do this." His voice was still shaky. Nox offered her his hand. "Nox. If I'm going to be risking my life, I'd like to know with whom I'm going to die?" He grinned playfully.

She took his hand in hers, her skin was cool almost frigid against his in the cool night air. Her skin was soft to the touch, hardly a callous to be found, but her touch sent electricity through his body making Nox swallow. "Kali." She smiled, the stark white of her teeth standing out against the even darker red of her lipstick in the dim lights outside the Tower.

Nox shook her hand gently and then pulled it to his lips for a gentle kiss against the third knuckle. "It's a pleasure," he spoke as he bowed gracefully and with probably a bit too much flourish over her hand before he stepped into the shadows of the towering building and out of sight of whatever eyes might see their ascent up the building.

His heart raced in his chest - it felt like it might pound its way free of his rib cage and lay floundering on the ground like a fish out of water - and that was exactly how Nox felt in this moment as he found his first hand hold on the nearly smooth surface of the buildings exterior. And then a second before looking for a foot hold he could climb higher with.

Nox glanced over his raised arm and saw Kali kicking off her black high heels with a smile as she watched him facing one of his greatest fears since falling out of an airplane. She laughed and Nox wasn't certain it was with him, or at him, but she sent encouraging words, "Well come on my little lamb, show me what you've got."

Nox turned his attention to his own reflection in the smooth surface - almost glass like. This was going to be a bitch. Nox found his first foot hold and started up the slick surface looking for the next handhold.
There was no way this was going to end well. Nox envisioned himself falling and knew he couldn't keep that up with each hand and foot hold he took the effort was taxing not only his body, but his mind. What the fuck was he doing?

Nox had past three sets of windows before he looked for Kali. She was above him in that sleek black dress and he had an inappropriate view. The sight made the next foot hold slip and Nox hung from the building with a strong grasp before he found his footing again. Fuck!

His hands were aching now. He couldn't look up, he couldn't look down. He was fucked. Nox clung to the wall with his eyes clamped shut and took deep breathes to settle his erratic breathing and slow the pace of his heart. In... Out... In... and on until Nox could open his eyes. One hand over the next and Nox moved up another few hand holds before he reached Kali where she sat on a ledge.

The ledge was barely big enough to put one leg, but Nox sat carefully and looked across to Kali who's grin was wide and full of madness. You had to be mad to think this was fun.

It wasn't fun - it was thrilling - it was risky. Those things Nox liked, but he didn't find it fun in the least. His fear wouldn't be the best of him - not ever. This was no different than fighting through the tattoo on his arm. The memory of Lucas' careful drawing and his touch on his skin made Nox feel like retching. He'd died because of Aria. So many people were dying because of her. There was no telling who was next. She was awol right now, he should just leave it be, but Aria was dangerous - even more dangerous than he was - and that was by Atharim standards.

Nox's gaze returned to Kali who was watching him with that same smile. She stood up with ease on the ledge and lifted the hem of her dress up past her hip revealing exactly what he'd seen from below but without any hindrance. And as quickly as she'd lifted it the black silky material slide back in place. "More next one."

Nox looked down and sighed as his heart jumped into his throat. It was time to start up again.
Nox's mind was distracted as he went for new hand holds above his head. His heart raced and not for the hot luscious skin he'd seen only moments before. No fear was the only thing. He was fine except that he remembered the feeling of every bone in his body crushing at the same time - shattering inside him. The pain alone reverberated in his body with each new precarious handhold.

Another level, another bit of flesh revealed. Nox was beyond horny now, but fear kept everything tipped on its side. He had ascended three more levels before his fingers felt raw. He wished he could heal himself. But Kali she looked in pristine condition.

They sat on the perilous edge of the ledge as Kali tempted him with yet another bit of flesh - flesh that he'd never taste. Up was so far away and down was frightening... Neither was a pleasant thought.

Nox looked through Kali feeling only fear as bits of her pale mounds were hanging from her dress. But he saw nothing but fear - the fall - his end all for a piece of ass.

Kali said something and when Nox looked up to see her face she was too close, standing right there over him. Thought gone Nox's body reacted, jumped in fear pushing him too far to one side and his slipped and fell.

All Nox felt was the earth crashing into his body. The fear - the panic - pure dread coursed through his body. He was certain he would not survive a second time.
There was a jolt, but nothing like he remembered and a burning pain in his left hand. Nox looked up and found Kali holding his right wrist and his other hand clung to the ledge without really thinking about it. Instinct had overrode his utter fear.

Nox jerked his hand to the ledge and swung back up on to the ledge. Kali's hand was still on his wrist and he smiled at her. There was an odd sense of adoration as he looked at her - she had just saved his life. Nox grinned at her, "Thanks. I really didn't want to be a pancake again." Or worse yet - dead. But Nox didn't want to think about that.

Nox's heart was still pounding in his chest - it almost hurt. Kali never let go of his wrist. She stared at him with this look that Nox couldn't quite place but it made him smile - her looking at him like that. He was convinced she wasn't a monster. That look...

Several minutes passed with Nox just looking at Kali before he said something. "I think I need to get down from here."

Kali frowned but nodded. "Suit yourself." She gave him a sultry laugh, "I do suppose falling to your near death can put the fear of god in you."

Nox laughed. "I don't fear god, but yeah, I'd rather keep my feet on the ground right now."

Kali nodded towards the far end of the building. Nox sighed as he saw the fire escape jutting up the side of the building. She grinned at his displeasure, "Think you can make it that far?"

Nox nodded as he stood up and started edging his way towards the black metal stairs. They weren't the best in the world, but at least they weren't perilously hanging from the building now.

When the ground was firmly under his feet he grabbed Kali by the wrist and pulled her close against his body. He kissed her softly. "Thank you."

She pulled away and giggled. "Anytime. Saving a big strapping lad like yourself is always my pleasure."

Nox laughed. "I should get home."

Kali frowned again. "Alright. I'll see you around sometime." She didn't say anything as she headed towards her heels by the side of the wall. With a quick glance back at Nox and a wave she picked up her shoes and turned the corner.

Nox wasn't exactly sure what the fuck had just happened.
Nox walked part of the way back to Dorian's house before he decided to get on the Metro. He didn't have far to go, but he shook from the adrenaline coursing through his body.

It was late - much later than he'd thought he'd be. Even if he'd found a hook up he'd still be earlier. Nox supposed he did hook up. Kali hadn't been far from his mind as he went upstairs to his room. His room - more like his suite. It was two rooms. A sitting room with a bedroom and rather nice sized bathroom attached.

Dorian's house was literally a mansion. The man came from money. He was like Nox - Atharim. But that was as far as the similarities went. Dorian was happily married to a woman he wasn't attracted to. She was happily in love with their man servant. Christian was cool. Nox liked him. He was the only down to earth person in the house. Even the two women Christian had sent for he felt out of place with. Maria and Anabel were pretty, but they were both stuck up.

Every time he tried to speak to them they'd hush him and turn the other direction. Enough so Nox stopped trying. He'd asked Christian about it and he said they do their job. They don't make friends. Their loss, Nox had thought.

The sitting room was empty - the desk lamp was off and Aria's note sat on it where he'd left it. She was safe - that was all that really mattered. Safe could be an objective word - she was alive - that was what mattered. They could deal with anything else.

Nox opened the bedroom door quietly. The whole house was asleep, Nox expected Elyse to be too. When he'd said he wanted a girlfriend - he'd assumed they'd have their own places, spend many nights apart. Thanks to the bullshit life and their uniqueness Nox had told her he'd protect her - keep her safe when all shit broke lose. The Atharim would come for him. He was surprised they hadn't yet - but they would, even if only because he knew Aria. Aria was a traitor there was no denying that. And by association so was he.

Elyse lie in bed, and Nox knew better than to lie in bed smelling like another woman. He hadn't done anything wrong - he'd kissed her yeah, it was a great kiss, but he wanted to do so much more. This whole monogamous thing was a lot harder than it looked. At least for him and his one-night stand MO. Ask Emily... she knows how he is.

Nox showered quickly with thoughts of Kali on his mind. Good thoughts - not so nice thoughts...

When he was done he crawled into bed in just a pair of boxers and felt Elyse stir against him. He sat up and watched in the darkness. She mumbled in her sleep. Nox crafted an orb of light of fire and air and held it high above their heads. The soft glow illuminating their features and he could see the twisting of Elyse's face as she dreamt. He put his hand on her shoulder and leaned over to whisper, "Elys wake up." He shook her gently to help wake her faster, but she didn't wake the dreams kept pushing through her mind in the dim light.
Nightmares were something Nox knew all about. He had his own, he didn't wish those sleepless nights on anyone. He spoke softly in her ear. "Elyse, wake up." He shook gently until her eyes slide open almost confused as she sat up. Her breathing was labored and her pulse was fast.

Nox pulled her close. "It's okay." Nox comforted her - rubbing her arms and holding her close. All he wanted to do was protect her. Keep her safe. His night with Kali fled to the recesses of his mind as he listened to Elyse tell him about her nightmares. The blue eyes, the strange man and the snakes.

He couldn't interpret dreams. Some people had prophetic ones - he almost wished he did - it would mean he'd not dream continually of the deaths of his family. Nox started humming a soft tune. One he only remembered upon waking with bad dreams as a kid. His mother used to hum it to him. It was comforting to him, he hoped it helped Elyse.

Nox laid down in the bed and pulled her close while she settled into calm thoughtful silence. Nox hummed and closed his eyes taking in the soft scent of Elyse's shampoo and smiled to himself.

The melody soon faded and Nox slipped into the recesses of his own mind. The darkness consumed him and the images began again as they always did - on repeat - over and over until Nox saw Aurora dead and grinning with soulless eyes and blood dripping from wounds she never received.

Nox's eyes shot open. His heart was racing, he was covered in sweat. But Elyse lay in his arms he was sure she was still awake. He knew what time it was - the same time he woke up every night. But he stayed in bed and held her close until the sun was peaking in their window.

They both got up in a shared silence. The scent of bacon wafted up into the hallway as they headed down stairs to join the Vega family.
Breakfast was normal - normal for the Vega household anyway. Christian had made breakfast - usually Nox was up, had gone for a run, and showered before anyone else was up and about. Christian gave Nox a worried look as he walked into the kitchen.

A cup of coffee was quickly poured and slide across the island in the middle of the kitchen and Nox smiled at the man. "I'm alright. I was being a good boyfriend." The whole boyfriend thing was way too new for Nox and saying it sent sparks of fear through his body but he hid them from everyone. Including himself. Besides he had to make up for the kiss he'd given Kali the night before.

Cruz sat down next to Nox with an empty plate of food and Nox frowned at the new reborn god. Cruz looked at him with a grin. "No classes today. What's on tap?"

Nox smiled. He was eager to get to working with the power, Nox didn't blame him one bit. "We are going to work earth today." It was something Nox had been playing with. It wasn't destructive but since he'd seen what Ascendancy could do earth called stronger than it had before. Nox felt different when he was wielding it. Fire was still his go to element for it's pure destructive capability. But earth was proving to be something he could do more with.

Nox had breakfast and Cruz and Nova followed him outside to the back yard where Nox shoved his power into the earth and found all the pipes and things that could break if they did things to the earth in those spots. Fine lines of glowing power raked across Dorian's property that only he and Cruz could see. It was like a map. Nox was glowing with pride as Cruz erected the first wall at the farthest end of Dorian's property without breaking anything. It was a simple weave, but it took the new godling a lot of energy and effort to raise the 10 in wall 8 feet high.

Nox moved to another side of the back line of property and he and Cruz would meet in the middle. The power coursed through his body as he drove his power deep in the earth and pulled up the new wall. It wasn't smooth, it wasn't pretty, but the Atharim would have a hard time getting over it without some help.

Cruz ran over to Nox before they met in the middle. "Did you have to pick up your American friend at the airport today?" Cruz glanced at his watch and Nox frowned. He'd gotten so lost in the power he'd forgotten. Sage was going to be angry, or at the very least miffed at him for being late.

There wasn't time for a shower, or to change, Sage would just have to survive with an unprofessional escort to Dorian's house.