The First Age

Full Version: The Eastwing (closed)
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Walking the short distance to the East wing double doors, he knocks on them. Chuckling at knocking on his own homes doors, a deal is a deal and from now on, this is HER side of the home, no longer his.

He waits:
Chief came to him as he was about to leave the door, the NEWS was big!

So, all is out in the open. I need that damn girl now more than ever. Seems my search might get suspended while this is sorted out, or is it more important than ever?

Chief: Call General quarters on the Storm, make sure She is ready to sail upon a heartbeat's grace. She draws a shallow draft with no cargo, see She is ready or by the old God's i'll hand the lot of you

His voice that started out calm was close to a growl when done, he did not mean to be that harsh but his mind was elsewhere.

His image was changing in mid-stride, a new talent that made his need for "conventional disguises" no longer needed. He was able to now weave a mist around himself and with little effort look a little or massively different.

Now a much older man (one of his fav's) exited the house. He donned this formed cause he could move slower and see more, he had to find the girl.
Knowing Aria was not returning Manix had the East wing closed and draped until further need.