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Aria watched the light show and when her gaze returned to Manix he was himself. She rolled her eyes. He could have just stepped into an alley way - gods of all shapes and sizes seemed to just want to show off. She got enough of that with Nox, now she had another who seemed completely oblivious of the normalcy of life they missed now that they had this power.

Aria pulled the bubble around her and stopped dead when Manix threatened her. Her voice was cold and quiet as she spoke. "If I wanted you dead in any capacity I would not have accepted your hospitality. I do not play games, Manix. If I wanted you dead I would slit your throat while you slept and I would enjoy every fucking moment of it. You saved my life. Fine! Friends? I don't think so. You've not earned that right. You have no fucking idea what you did to me. If I'm upset it's because you took away every thing that was me. I hated every waking moment of my life and now I hate it even more than I did then and it's only been a short time."

Aria sighed. "I have no intention of harming you. I have no intention of carrying out a job assigned to me from the highest point in the chain of command. I choose not to do so because I don't believe your kind deserves to die because they can wield some magical power. I have let too many godlings live in the short time I've been in Moscow. I've let dangerous men walk this earth when I had the perfect moment to kill them. My best friend is one of you. So what fucking side do you think I'm on?"

Aria released the bubble and took a deep breath to calm the rage building inside of her. "I'm harsh because my life is about to be put on the line for your fucking safety. For ALL of your goddamned lives. You stole from me what I hadn't known I cherished. I'm angry about it yet I am eternally grateful that you were there, that my life is here to be given yet again to a cause I believe in because of you. But right now the only calm places I have left are fucking in Mexico doing god knows what with god knows who and I don't even know if I'll see them again. So please let me do my job. I will return home and we can talk all you want about our so-called relationship. I have a carrot to tangle and I don't want to fucking die doing it."
He felt power coil and churn from the old man, followed soon after by light that drew his eyes far aside with everyone else's. When he looked back the old man was disappeared. Replaced with another someone he recognized. Manix, from the silversmith shop.

He had worn a disguise. An illusion of the greatest quality. The revelation sent shock waves through Jaxen's body like electricity. He wanted to giggle with excitement. What a glorious discovery!

He had made up his mind to approach the pair when the woman in his company unleashed a verbal battery upon Manix, whom from Jaxen's point of view was fully undeserving of such abuse.

A scary chick, he thought. And stopped in his tracks in mid step. He'd thought the same thing about this woman once before. Scary. And a shade too crazy for his type. It was underground when he was escaping from the cannibal's dungeon. He encountered White and this woman. Aria was her name. She was one of the ones White warned him about. One of the Atharim that Ascendancy described. Like Rune.

Well. Jaxen wouldn't hold it against her.

He put on his best 'about to interrupt something awkward' expression and strolled into the midst of the storm brewing between them. How did they know each other? Lovers maybe? Way to go Manix.

"I believe you are about the most fascinating person I've seen today, friend."
His grin for Manix was impressed. Of course the underhanded insult to Aria was in jest. Kind of.

He thrust out a hand, "Jaxen Marveet."
But he didn't exclude Aria either. As he offered to shake hands man to man, his grin took her under its wing. He must look and smell better than last he saw her.
You are right of course, but think on this, I "Took" nothing from you.
He saw her eyes widen then narrow in disbelieve. I separated it from ur mind, it was kind like a black ball of flame, pain and poison.
He let that sink in. If that is so important to you, I may be able to restore it, by simply removing the barrier I put in place.
Her face paled. When u return home we'll talk more, also I could poss
........... A man Approuch.

The man with a witty hello introduced himself, Manix knew him, and now knew the reverb and resonance that comes from being around someone like himself.
He shook his hand, Manix Lir, of the clan Lir, I be at ye service mate.
The man's hands was soft and supple, unlike Manix's callused fisherman and Sea Captains hands. Tis seems we've met before, I afraid my young friend....colleague has no need for me shall we go have a drink, coffee or maybe something a tad bit stronger

He wondered if Aria would say anything or had she even noticed Jax?

((OCC)) Pick a place for us to chat, bar, pub, coffee, whatever.
Aria didn't want this man touching her mind again. But she didn't get to voice her opinions of that as a familiar face smiled at them. Jaxen Marveet! Aria rolled her eyes at Manix's assumptions of not needing him. He was currently her benefactor - with no where but the Atharim to go to she needed at least that security. Aria nodded to Jaxen with a wry smile. "It's very good to see you are not dead, or chained up for monsters to consume you Mr. Marveet."
Aria grinned. "Chains do not suit you."

Manix seemed eager to get him away from here for obvious reasons. "Avoid the Baccarrat Mansion, Jaxen. The measures are stronger than your last visit. I'd hate to see your miraculous escape end for carelessness."
Manix's accent was so thick, Jaxen barely followed what was said. Although he'd already introduced himself, as they clutched hands, he yearned to claim himself as Jaxen of Clan Marveet.

The invitation was not something he could decline. However. And he knew just the place to go.

"We have a saying in Moscow, Jaxen began, his own Russian accent feeling particularly pronounced, "Never trust a man who doesn't drink vodka. I accept your invitation. Let's leave miss panties in a wad to her own scowl." Eyes darting to Aria, he resisted the urge to ruffle her hair. She was likely to snap off his hand like a dog nipping at the touch.

Speaking of Aria. It was good to put a name to the darkness that clouded her like a shroud over the soul. It was reflected briefly in Jaxen's expression when she mentioned chains. Quite literally, he agreed that chains did not suit him. Despite preconceived behaviors in he bedroom prior to the kidnapping experience.

Her warning was lobbed back with a grin that only grew with defiant dare. "I wouldn't dream of it. Are you going there now?"

Manix was likely to be confused with the turn of topics. So Jaxen offered a brief explanation. "She's part of some secret society that doesn't take kindly to breaking and entering their secret lair. Or even a little innocent exploration."
Aria wanted to glare at Jaxen for his comment but the topic changed fast enough she just laughed. "Innocent?"
Aria shook her head with a smile. "He already knows that. It's part of why he's here."

Aria glanced down the street. "I am going there now. I have a dangerous carrot to dangle in front of some very dangerous noses."
Aria turned to Manix. "We can continue this conversation again later. Though you will not be fixing what you did. I will leave Nox instructions to deliver certain items of interest to you if I'm incapacitated for the time being. He'll be home soon."

Aria glanced at both of them. "Enjoy your vodka, and stay safe. Jaxen, if you leave a way of contacting you with Manix I will insure someone informs you of your next hunter. While still not sure what happened you will be found eventually. With warning you should be able to defend against their weapons."

Aria muttered to herself as she left their group "Wish me luck!"

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Before he could say another word to Aria, she was gone. With a sigh he couldn't help but worry about her. IT HIT HIM THEN: She reminds me of my sister, nothing in looks, but her spirit and her passion.

Looking to Jax: Vodka sounds good to me, I could use some relaxing chatter.

He could control the amount of effectiveness alcohol had on his mind, Manix wondered if This man could do the same. He started to walk with jax and decided to throw a curve ball.

So! who is the teacher and who is the student, or do you feel this is mutual learning opportunity?

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