The First Age

Full Version: What Happens Next
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It was late in the evening before Nikolai carved out time to meet Michael again. The Commander was shown to the actual office Nikolai worked from, rather than the ornate room from which his addresses were broadcast to the world.

The strategy was solid, that much was obvious, but Nikolai struggled for a few minutes before approving it. Michael was unaware of Nik's financial support, and therefore ethical loyalties to the cause of the society, otherwise he would not have presented something so drastic.

In the end, Nik gave his approval for Michael to carry out the orders. Aria would be involved to some extent, but for now, she would be used elsewhere. It would take a great deal of proof before Nikolai believed her loyalty lay with him. Afterward, Michael requested a short leave of absence that earned a surprised grunt from Nik. Had he been working so hard that he felt he earned some sort of vacation? Nik granted the request on the condition he remain in CCD territory and maintain open communication with upper command. it was almost impossible for him to go anywhere inside their borders without the Custody tracking him.

Aria was forced to wait in the Facility another two days under the scrutinizing study of doctors, researchers and psychologists. He wanted as full a profile on her before releasing her to limited freedom.

Finally, she was led from the Facility in the same manner in which she was taken there. She should have no awareness of its entrance or exit, other than the first realization of the world was to find herself in an administrative building several blocks outside the Kremlin's red walls. It was there that her things were returned to her. Including a Wallet with which she would remain in communication with the agents assigning her cases.

The first of which was to find a Chinese banker whose anti-CCD philosophies were making waves in the market.

And kill him.

"Contact us when its finished." The face on the other side of the holo-connection ordered before the feed was severed.
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