The First Age

Full Version: A Pull of Threads
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Due to Ayden's intervention, Emily was feeling a lot better about herself. She had been kept quite busy as of late, but a good majority of her personal moving was done. Rachel had fully moved in and had started classes. Everything was going great.

Meeting Dorian had been fun and Emily was glad for her sister. She was sure that Rachel and Cruz were talking at school when they could and Rachel had gone out a couple of times dressed nice. It seemed like there were a few dates that were happening.

Emily turned on the news and watched. She had worked most of the day and was ready to turn in for the night, but she thought that a quick viewing of what was going on in the world would be helpful.

Once again, there was coverage of Sierra Leone, and Emily frowned. Jacques Danjou was essentially building his own army now. Something big was going to happen. Investors were angry and threatening lawsuits. Emily could understand. She had investments and those people were likely to lose profits. Emily would likely be angry too in that situation.

However, she felt for the people of Sierra Leone. Many had been killed and all so one man could gain power. It was sad. Danjou wanted to fight that injustice. Emily had a hard time deciding if it was right or not. She truthfully didn't know. But she wanted to do something.