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Dorian moved slowly down the street. Checking each corner with precision before he moved on to the next corner. Nox had to be around here somewhere.

Four streets down and at the next alley Dorian heard voices. He drew his gun up and pointed it down the alley. There were three men and a woman hovering over two bodies.

Dorian heard the exclamation of one of the men and and he put his gun down. He knew Nox at least by name. He edge around the corner and saw Nox lying in the lap of a man who's profile was familiar but he couldn't figure out where he knew him from. It didn't matter. "Nox. We need to go. Domovoi will be here soon."
Nox was alive. If barely. The source of power they all sensed was obvious now. Tires screeched and the other women ran. Smart. The sirens grew close. They'd be here any moment. He turned when he heard Natalie's voice from behind, frowning that she was there at all. For a moment, he looked from her and back to Nox, then back to her. He started to say something when Alvis showed up, checking arms. "You don't need to check his. It's there."
Jay answered on behalf of the unconscious Nox, and immediately regretted admitting to such knowledge. He'd seen it. He'd asked about it. He knew Nox was one of those Atharim. The name turned to ash in his throat. This had been a battle with the Atharim, Jay realized, looking around them with fresh eyes. His stomach clenched, his gaze fell dark. Jared's healing did it's work, although it nearly broke him to do so.

Nox started to rouse. Jay frowned, waiting, He helped him to his feet, and let Nox lean on him. Having gone through it himself, Jay knew he guy would be weak as a kitten. "We all have to get out of here before we get--"
his voice trailed away when the first police car slid into view. His gaze flipped to another, then another. Three. Then four. Then five cars formed a blockade at the end of the alley. "--arrested."

Damn. Jacques was not going to like this.

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Soren stalked his way closer, fist curled, power wreathing like shadows. Jared slumped nearby. What a waste of skill and energy. Even watching the second time he could barely fathom the patterns that so effortless healed the flesh, and it irritated him beyond measure to see it squandered on the undeserving. "What makes you think you get a choice, boy."
But though disgust marked his expression, he did not move closer. A moment more to think only curled his lip further, because he suddenly realised the kid lay in a cocoon of concrete slicked with a remnant of power. He had assumed both bodies were the remains of an attack, the victim fled. Had not even thought to fathom that the victim lay burnt at his feet. Because how could they trap a god? His eyes narrowed, jaw tight. Because if this was real, Soren wanted to know how. And he wanted to know now.

He turned his hash stare to Jay, accusing. "You knew what he was. If you know what it means, you're even more of a fool than I thought."
An Atharim channeler. It shouldn't be surprising, but it was bad news. He was marked. Trouble. And by now the legionnaires had served their purpose; Soren was ready to wash his hands clean of it. Though not without a final task. His fist tightened, digging pain into his palm, knuckles ash white. The runes danced a maelstrom as he turned. Against the wall, the other snake-marked bastard slumped still further, the life sucked out of him. Utterly unrepentant, Soren's gaze switched to find Natalie, marking too the new stranger who dared wave a gun at them all. He ignored him, though the runes continued to flash, imbuing protection should he need it.

An image of Declan flashed in the back of his mind, and though he had been apathetic to the menial task of finding Grey's daughter, now that he had her he was unwilling to let her go. To lose a second time. She hovered nearer the mouth of alley than the others, unable to cross the sea of debris in bare feet without shredding herself up. Blood already wicked amongst the dirt on her skin. Else she'd stopped for another reason. She was still staring at the pinned body, now lifeless, her expression smooth as marble and just as pale. Calculation whirred within, but who knew what she was thinking. He touched her elbow. "Your feet are bleeding, stupid girl."
The anger bit sharp into his words, and by the flash in her pale eyes as she looked up, he knew to regret it almost immediately. Would that she were a trinket he could place in his pocket. Just like her damn father, armed for war at a moment's notice. Soren grit his teeth, let the emotion flow out of him. Prepared to start again. When the sirens wailed their shrill cry.
Jay helped Nox up. "Ow."
Every place on his body hurt, and he felt weak almost weaker than he had before except before he'd been almost dead. "Who do I thank for the healing?"
Nox said as his arm hung around Jay. The heat from his body almost made Nox want to pull away. It wasn't that he felt awkward - it was awkward, but it hurt to touch him. His skin still felt like it was on fire. He glance down at his hands and saw the rosey hue of sun burn. Fuck me! But if that's all it was Nox was grateful.

One of the three strangers told him he didn't really have a choice in his life or death. Nox tried to grab the power, but it slipped through his fingers. He was exhausted and in that moment of struggle his knees sagged and Dorian was at his side. "Now you show up."
Nox grinned at his friend - kinda. "You remember Jay from this morning, or was it yesterday morning. I forget."

Dorian nodded in Jay's direction, but there was little time to respond as squad cars pulled up. Dorian sighed. He looked at Jay. "You got him?"

"I can stand on my own."
Nox said slightly offended that he needed anyone but it was mostly bravado as he shifted his weight on to Jay. "We really need to stop doing this."

Dorian pulled his badge and holstered his gun and walked up to the squad cars. "I have the situation under control. That group Ascendancy warned everyone about attacked a singular g... channeler. He was defending himself."
Dorian walked over to the man pinned to the wall. One of their perps was dead. The other one who knew. But there were no other bodies lying around. That fucking woman laid a trap for him. Shit He was going to have to be more careful.

Dorian pulled up the sleeve of the man on wall and showed the orobourous. "He's one of them - the Atharim. They kill those that are different on sight. "
Dorian looked at Nox. And he sighed as lifted the leather jacket with pain as it rubbed against his red skin. "They attacked one of their own who was a channeler, what do you think they'll do to another who isn't like them?"

One of officer looked at Dorian and frowned. "Detective Vega, we still have to take him in. He caused a lot of damage."

Dorian nodded. "I'll bring him in."

"What of these others?"

Nox stumbled forward. "They just got here. They are my friends, nothing special about them."
It hurt just to take those two steps. And he was back on his knees... Fuck!

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Jared rested, and even the brief respite helped. He slowly stood as Nox mentioned thanking someone for the healing. Jared didn't respond. He didn't need thanks for being a kind person.

Well, Jared didn't remember the cops showing up, but a stranger was dealing with them it appeared. Apparently the guy he had healed had met Jay already and there seemed to be some history there with their conversations. Jared didn't worry about it, it was none of his business.

Jay's friend at least told the cops that they weren't a part of this. Jared had no desire to get in trouble with the law - especially for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. At least Natalie was safe. Whatever happened here must have been pretty intense.
Jay shot Nox a look that said chill, dude. For one thing, he was mostly dead a few minutes ago, and if they didn't all watch what they did, they were all going to be completely dead any moment. Jay had one firearm tucked away and a whole battery of explosives inside his head that he was pretty sure he couldn't control even if he wanted to try. But one thing an operator was taught was to respect the law. Police were forced to deal with every single threat like they were all weapons of deadly intent. In this case, confronted with four channelers, they actually were.
"Nox, shut it for a sec."
Jay spoke quietly, gaze fixed narrowly on the officers filing out of squad cars and forming a line of guns all aimed at them. Amid orders to get down and stay still, Nox pushed away. Jay shook his head, and let him go. He'd figure out his legs were jello any second anyway.

He kept his hands visible, his movements steady. He wasn't a threat. Well, technically, he could probably kill them all without channeling for a second, but that wasn't the point. He had no interest in shooting perfectly good policemen, but as he swiveled his gaze toward Alvis and Natalie, then to Jared where he sat, Jay stepped slowly out in front of them, carefully slipping his hands into the air as he did.

He started to explain their situation when Nox forged onward instead, only to crash on his knees and summon three glacially-cold cops aiming him down with their side arms. "Down! Down! Down!" They yelled. Dammit, Nox! Jay grit his teeth as he rounded on the guy. He did take a second to kick him on the foot as he did.
"Stay down, kid. I don't want you shot right after I saved your ass."
He flashed a quick grin then plunged ahead himself.

The one talking to Dorian realized the movement, and any semblance of negotiation faded from his face. He pulled into a defensive pose, raising his sidearm to check the approaching threat. "Back! Stay where you are!"

He met the officer's gaze with a firm one of his own. "I'm Lieutenant Jay Carpenter of Legion Pre--"
he cut himself off. Shit they weren't LP anymore. "-of the Legion, That's Lieutenant Jared Vanders, a medic. We're both armed."
Jay shifted ever so slightly to reveal the firearm at his side. "These people are in need of medical attention."
He gestured from all too innocent arm's-raised-position toward Natalie, then Nox. A split second of recognition crossed the officer's face. Peripherally, Jay felt more eyes staring him down. At least the guns were mostly aimed on him now. He couldn't turn to see, but Alvis better have Natalie out of danger.

His gaze flicked to the body slumped against the wall one last time. "Not him though."
He shrugged. Echoes of the magic hummed around the body. He'd been killed, and Jay knew who had been the one to do it. Alvis' accusation rung in his ears. He knew Nox was atharim, but no, apparently he didn't really know what it meant. Looking around, he had a better clue now.

Jay held his breath as firm as he held the officer's gaze.
Dorian had tried to defuse the situation. Nox wasn't helping any. But at least he had the good sense to stay down when he'd fallen. Dorian wasn't sure if Nox bent to the ground voluntarily or if gravity had forced him down without Jay's support but he pressed his forehead to the ground and was breathing - that was good. But he didn't move and that was concerning, maybe whatever healing had been done hadn't done enough.

Jay took over and seemed to want to protect everyone which included Nox. But his approach brought the guns aimed at him. Dorian stepped to the side and out of the way but didn't draw his gun. They didn't trust him, but he was Domovoi. They didn't know Nox was too hurt to do what he did. He looked like shit.

Dorian spoke over the noise. "Gentleman. You have a channeler cornered, do you think it's a good idea to point guns at him. He's on the ground. Each of you should have a tranquilizer in your gear now for subduing channelers safely."

Nox groaned and twitched, but he couldn't move. Dorian knew that fear, he'd seen it at the police station but he was helpless. "Let his friend do the honors, he may be down now, but he will freak out. Office Sarkozy can attest to that, please."

Dorian knew Jay was a godling, there was no telling who else was - the one who had healed Nox certainly, but the other two? He didn't know. But Dorian wasn't about to give away any secrets or get them all arrested.

Every other cop present looked at one another. Had they really thought about what they were doing? Dorian didn't know but he sure as hell wouldn't be trying to corner a god who could do this kinda damage. He wondered if they had even looked around them.

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He was still alive. Impaled grotesquely by a shard of concrete, and passed out from the pain, but she saw the minute rise and fall of his chest in the moments before Alvis's temper snapped over the ink on his arm. Tattoos? She didn't know what any of that meant. But she could piece together a picture, and it wasn't a pleasant one. She blinked her eyes and could almost feel the heat of the flames on her lids, the smoke acrid in her nostrils, as the girl crawled across the marble floor and the dark figure followed. Duty and death. The words tumbled about in her head. It is your duty to die, he had told her, right before the floor exploded, tiles stinging like razors as the girl defended herself. Natalie took a breath, reabsorbing the totality of the destruction surrounding them. And the implications.

By the crater, Alvis was spitting accusations. First at the man Jared rung himself dry to haul back into consciousness, his skin red raw, barely enough energy to steel his legs - and that was afterwards. Then at Jay. The two clearly knew each other, but it was none of her business, despite the unexpected twist of emotion in her chest, drawing her attention away from the scene. She was still staring at the pinned body when it suddenly sagged a final time, and she witnessed its unnatural passing like a sad deflation. A moment later Alvis was at her side, trying to lead her away. Again. Around them the sirens screamed as police cars rammed a barricade across the exit.

She was tired of being treated as something breakable; something to be swept aside while others shouldered the burden.

When the guns trained on Jay, instinct brought her a step forward, but Alvis shoved her unceremoniously back. Glass crunched under her heel, and she grit her teeth; more from frustration than pain. The detective tried to smooth over the situation, but it was the mewl of pain from the burned man that drew her attention downwards. She didn't know him. Didn't know how he'd gotten himself into this dire situation, or of he deserved to get out of it. Truth was she barely knew Jay either, but she trusted his instincts anyway. And the idea of sedation sat uneasy in her gut. Not least because her own registration papers must have processed by now.

"Protocol for subduing channelers?"
Her voice rasped dry, but the words were clear. Sharply enunciated, each one a bullet. Barely perceptible, she heard Alvis grunt displeasure under his breath. He was gripping his fists like he wanted to hit something despite the terse atmosphere. "This is how Ascendancy chooses to treat them? Like criminals? Like rabid animals?"
She didn't move, wasn't stupid enough to chance the slip of a trigger-happy finger even if the guns weren't pointed her way. Her hands hung loose at her sides. Her face wan and tired. But she stood straight despite her weariness, and spoke like she was used to wearing the mantle of authority. "Use your eyes, gentlemen; he's barely even conscious. Beaten to within an inch of his life. Need I remind you we're standing in the heart of the CCD? He shouldn't have needed to defend himself at all in the first place."
A subtle shift of blame. Her pale stare metered it out, but also gave them a chance to soak in her own injuries -- to contemplate those failures too, and perhaps reassess the way they might handle the situation. If they recognised her at all; had any inclination as to her familial connections, all the better.

Her gaze moved to the detective who had arrived first; who had tried to get the man out before his colleagues had arrived. A natural ally. "He deserves some dignity, the same as any other man."
Nox didn't look up. He hurt. Everything hurt and he was tired. So tired. He heard Dorian and Jay and eventually a woman. He didn't look up to see her, but he could see her feet from where he lay and he wondered what had happened to her. And what Jay was doing here. He wanted to ask. Hell he just wanted to go home to bed and sleep for a week. Not that the Atharim would let him. Maybe they thought he was dead. That would be an advantage.

But it was the officer's voice who brought Nox's attention from his prone position. "Excuse me, ma'am, but this man. He is a criminal. Confessed to a murder only to be let free." Nox could imagine the glare that he was bestowing upon Dorian.

"His statement said he was saving a girl from a monster. And he is Atharim. He knows what a monster is."
Dorian needed to shut up he was going to make matters worse - maybe even get Nox killed he thought to himself.

"The Atharim, huh? Once of your kind? You would stick together. To make it all better for you ma'am. I won't tranq him, as long as he, and the rest of you come quietly. Seems like the lot of you got into all sorts of trouble tonight. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to cuff the dangerous one and the rest of you can get in one of the squad cars. Including you Detective, someone will take your car to the precinct."

[[ will let you all decide if you want to go peacefully ]]

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Natalie was a spitfire, and Jared began to wonder why people felt she needed to be guarded. She was a strong woman. Jared also knew she could use magic like he did. She was a channeler, but he kept his word and wouldn't tell anyone. It was her secret to tell.

Jared had been out of it for awhile, and even now he felt weak, but the biggest thing was, he had missing moments in his memory as his brain had not been processing all that was going on.

Jared had once been a cop. He understood what the cops were doing. They were doing their jobs. Technically Jared, Jay, Natalie, and this Alvis guy had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. They hadn't done anything wrong, but Jared was still confused as to what was happening.

"What happened?"
he asked Natalie.

He remembered healing Nox, and cops showing up, but he didn't quite understand why.
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