The First Age

Full Version: Finding Natalia
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The flight from New York City to Moscow as long and boring and something Ayden really hated about her job. People were always grumpy on long flights, herself included. First Class was by far better than coach, and with the paychecks she'd been bringing in lately it was luxury all the way. Much more fun to expense the client such details than to acutally try to use thing she didn't like.

The job in Moscow was still sketchy, she knew little more than her object was in Moscow, so she flew to meet her clients. As per usual Ayden flew in to the great Russian city a few days early to get the lay of the land.

Hotels had too many eyes, Ayden choose to rent an apartment instead. This stay in Moscow Ayden had choosen the Moscow Suite Apartments Abat. It was a ten minuite walk to the Kermlin. If she ever so desired to see such a place. Without her target in hand Ayden didn't have much to look at yet, she still waited, but it would be good get her current persona straight.

Her name was Natalia. And as classic comic book readers would recognize, Romanov was her father's name. It was intentional upon Ayden's part. It made for a good story when meeting strangers. For Ayden each persona was their own person, with their own story. Half the fun of new identies was finding out who they really were.

Ayden never went out in public under her own guise. Ayden Hayes was a ghost. Natalia Romonov was an American born Russian on her first trip to see her heritage. Her firey red hair tucked neatly in a short black haired wig. But Ayden always wore special contacts, they relayed messages in front of her, things like body temperature, distances and most any thing you could measure. They were simple and she had many different colors, today she downed a dark brown set to match her hair.

Wardrobe was key for a persona, and Ayden had plenty of shopping to do while in Moscow now. Ayden donned a maroon wool sweater and black jeans fitted nicely into thigh high black boots with a nice heel. The coat was barely warm enough for the Moscovian weather, it would have to do until she could find another.

With purse inhand Ayden under the guise of Natalia left her apartment and headed for Izmailovsky Market. She wandered the shops looking for clothes that Natalia would like.

Several shops later Ayden sat down at a table by the window in a little cafe and order the soup of the day, Okroshka and a cup of english tea and honey. While she waited for her food to arrive, she pulled out her book. The plane ride had not yielded to much reading and at this rate she's never finish the list of 100 she was determined to read. Frankenstien was 10th on this particular list. It was an old book, and Ayden preferred the paper bound version. There was just something about the feel and smell of an old book.

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Drowned in the words of Mary Shelly, Ayden hardly noticed anyone else around her. But her hardly was so much different from the norm. She knew where every person was, and who had accompanied them. As they entered and exited the premises Ayden was aware of their comings and goings. Such was the life of an assassin.

Her soup arrived just as she read the last paragraph of chapter twelve.

"The pleasant showers and genial warmth of spring greatly altered the aspect of the earth. Men who before this change seemed to have been hid in caves dispersed themselves and were employed in various arts of cultivation. The birds sang in more cheerful notes, and the leaves began to bud forth on the trees. Happy, happy earth! Fit habitation for gods, which, so short a time before, was bleak, damp, and unwholesome. My spirits were elevated by the enchanting appearance of nature; the past was blotted from my memory, the present was tranquil, and the future gilded by bright rays of hope and anticipations of joy."

The words were bright for the topic of the book. Ayden was enjoying the book. But was as always eager to move on as well.

Ayden moved her bookmark to the start of Chapter thirteen and placed it back in her purse to save for a later time. The soup was of course cold, as it should be. Ayden hoped that it was better here than the last time she had been in Moscow. There were always paying clients in Moscow. The vegetables were bright and colorful despite the weather outside. The kvass was alluring and the soup was delightful as Ayden took the first spoonful to her lips tenatively. It would do for now.
Snow started to fall and Ayden sighed. The weather in Moscow was only bound to get worse the longer she stayed. She hoped it wasn't an extended stay, but the people footing the bill were still days away from meeting. Ayden left a tip for the waitress, she'd been friendly enough. She left it the tip for the last of the CCD dollars after the bill anyway. She'd have to get more from a machine, she didn't carry anything but cash, nothing to identify her if she could help it. That meant more shopping was probably out of the question. That was as depressing as the snow.

Izmailovsky Market was still busy despite the white flakes drifting down. Everyone was bundled up in the coats and hats, it looked like a bunch of animals crawling through the streets. Before Ayden departed she pulled out the newly purchased faux fur coat. It was by far the warmest one she could find. The tags sticking out here and there to prevent lifters from taking it. Kinda hard to steel a coat this large.

Ayden smiled as she pulled the now tag-less coat onto her body. It was soft inside, the lining was perfect and the moment she stepped outside she was thankful that it was as warm as it was.

Despite the weather Ayden didn't hurry home, she took in the sights. It was all part of her cover, but it was necessary as well. Familiarity with one's location was key to doing the mission, whatever it was.

She even strolled through the Red Square and past the Kremlin. She'd have take a picture but she didn't carry any form of electronics either. Ayden was paranoid, she didn't want to be found. Her enemies were numerous, but she rarely worried about them.

The apartment complex was in sight and Ayden hurried her pace, the idea of a hot bath sounded paramount.