The First Age

Full Version: Molestias
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The events at the US embassy were plastered all over the news. He couldn’t flip through any channel that wasn’t covering the mess. People were showed crying while emergency personnel reacted to the bombing. Likely, many people glued to their screens were equally saddened and confused by the whole ordeal. For his part, Gustavo felt nothing.

Well, he was annoyed. This debacle could go one of two ways. Either it would distract that fool American, or it might drive him even more incessantly into this little hunt of his. Gustavo wasn’t scared of the man, despite all the unbelievable things he was said to be able to do. He did, however, see him as a disruption.

one of his men walked into the living room, distracting Perez out of his thoughts. “I see you’ve heard the news. What should we do?”

What could they do? He had nothing to do with the Embassy, but he could not say the same for Delgado or Solis even though this wasn’t their style, a blind fool could see that, but with the pressure this Oakland was putting on them, either of those two was likely to snap. Had Gustavo meant to do something concerning anyone in the Embassy, matters would have been held more quietly. With his business interest in the U.S. something of this nature wouldn’t have been of any use to him.

“Nothing, Julio. The more we distance ourselves with this the better. Make sure security is alert. If the policía comes asking questions, let them in. No one else. Until some of this blows over you’ll meet Delgado and Solis in my place. Call and make sure to tighten security around my family.”

Señor , you should go. What if the Gringo decides to come for you?”

“If he comes, we’ll handle it. If I go to Monterrey now, it’ll be too conveniently suspicious. Go, and send me one of the girls. I need a distraction.”

Gustavo watched as Julio nodded and turned back to leave. He was less than pleased with having to alter his plans yet again. But, that was the nature of the business. You adapted or died, though sometimes adapting was simply striking down all that became an inconvenience. Unfortunately, of late, inconveniences were mounting and he needed to play his cards rights in order to come up with the upper hand.

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