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Full Version: Ducati MotoGP Fan Pack Giveaway
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Ducati MotoGP Fan Pack Giveaway

In conjunction with Ducati Corse and the start of the 2045 MotoGP season, Awesome Motorcycling is proud to announce the Awesome Ducati Giveaway! We’ll be giving away six, yes, that’s right, six Ducati MotoGP Fan Packs that include Ducati swag, pit access, exclusive seats in the Club Ducati Penthouse and of course, free VIP entry into this weekend’s races at Moscow City Circuit.

Come witness the best riders in the world battle it out on two wheels, cheating death at speeds over 400kph!

All you have to do is make a quick share of #TheDucatiWay on Worldbook or imgM1! to earn a chance to watch Factory Ducati MotoGP riders Alex Castori and Nika Raskov put down laps on one of the CCD’s premier indoor race circuits! All lucky winners will additionally be entered into a bonus GRAND PRIZE drawing for a meet and greet with the Factory Ducati riders themselves!

I’ll enter. It wouldn’t be half bad to meet Nika. She’s hot. And be a change of pace for another boring Saturday night.
I'll enter. It will be great to cheer on my friend!
Yay! You've both won the GRAND PRIZE! Woohoo! What were the odds? I'll set up a formal thread once Jaxen is done dancing...assuming no one kills him. [Image: 2.png] Thanks for entering!

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