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Full Version: Fundraiser Ball at the Grand Palace
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For immediate release:

The Central Custody of Dominion has announced a ball to be held this Saturday evening with tickets limited to 300 head. The Ascendancy will host with full powers of channeling for all to experience up close. The affair is white-tie at a cost of $10 Million (CCD) per ticket. Tickets go on sale Thursday at 1200 hours.

<small>Funds will benefit African aid.</small>
Three tickets purchased for SCION MARVEET

Total $30 Million (CCD)
Two Tickets Purchased for EMILY SHALE

Total $20 Million (CCD)
Two tickets purchased for EMILIO VEGA

Total $20 Million (CCD)

Donation: $10 Million in technology and assets to rebuild the medical infrastructure of Africa
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General information about the ball.

Location: Georgievskiy Hall Grand Kremlin Palace

To enter, you will need to have submitted the names of the ticket holders for security clearances. Pat down's and other checks will be required before entering the Grand Palace (discreetly of course).

Arrive by 7 PM.

7-8 PM social hour with hors d'oeuvres, champagne and open bar.

8PM - opening remarks by Ascendancy.

8:30 PM - dinner service begins.

12 AM - Conclusions and farewells.

Dress - white tie, which adheres to a very specific definition and reserved for only the rarest of events.

Entertainment - orchestra and ballroom dancing optional
Names for the Vega tickets: Cruz Vega &amp; Nox Durante