The First Age

Full Version: High Alert!
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High Alert!

Going out to all Atharim in the Moscow Area. Be on the lookout for a reborn god.

One Sebastian Volodin, age 27, brown hair blue eyes, 1.82 m (6 ft), approximately 72.5 kg (160 lbs).

Report any activity to Martin Borovsky. DO NOT ENGAGE! HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE AND DANGEROUS!

Picture to follow:

[Image: avatar-3941073.jpg]

[[ This goes out to every Atharim in Moscow. Feel free to report here via Text to Martin or incorporate it into your existing thread (can do both). Please PM Martin if you don't post here tho so I can make sure he gets the info IC. Thanks! ]]
(( can you comment on what point in the time line is this text sent in relation to sebastian's current thread. ie, is this text sent during the scene being played out at Kallisti, before, or after that?