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Full Version: Ascendancy nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
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<big>Ascendancy nominated for Nobel Peace Prize</big>

Brandon's nomination was put forth because he "promotes resolution of all conflicts arising on the planet."

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James Christopher


[Image: 09136c6b-7a42-40c7-87a2-fd1aa1245eb4_zps67cc85ff.jpg]

The founder of the Central Custody of Dominion, Ascendancy Nikolai Brandon, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

A spokesperson for the Moscovite advocacy group permitted to make Nobel Peace Prize nominations stated Brandon as worthy because he “actively promotes resolution of all conflicts arising on the planet.”

Custody Press has released a statement quoting the Ascendancy as stating he was "humbled and honored by the nomination. My efforts have extended beyond Custody borders and sought to bring a stop to the bloodshed."

The Ascendancy will dedicate all his resources to an upcoming tour through Dominance V, which has recently seen an increase in religious infighting, with some demonstrations turning deadly to help the conflict situation with political dialogue. This is only further evidence that he is worthy of this high title.

According to the Moscow Press Society, the academy's submission to the nomination committee read: "Being the leader of one of the foremost nation in the world, Nikolai Brandon makes efforts to maintain peace and tranquility not only on the territory of his own country but also actively promotes resolution of all conflicts arising on the planet."