The First Age

Full Version: The Price You Pay
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Fire erupted around the scientist and Dorian moved quickly towards the flaming monster as it backed away from him. He grabbed the badge and shot the man in the head before he ran towards where the fire had come. Nox was there and while he was sure the boy could defend him self he was certain there was a limit to his strength.

The light show in front of him and Dorian stopped moving. What the fuck was his one and only son doing down in the tunnels - alone of all things. That single moment of shock coursed through his body but Dorian stamped it down as he started running again and grabbed his sons elbow. "Drop that fucking light." He was glad to see his son wearing land warriors. "We aren't going home." Dorian said as he found his blinking dot in the maps and he headed away from the house and the whole in the wall put there by an overzealous boy. No fucking monsters were going to follow him home!
As soon as his father saw him Cruz saw the disappointment on his face. He'd took the lead the moment he got in ear shot. The man was dead but his father thought he was going to make a mess of this. He ordered him to cut the light off and Cruz would have protested if he thought it would get anywhere, but he knew better than that. And he was more concerned why they weren't going home right away.

They walked through the tunnels, Cruz's map was complete and his Dad kept going as if he had one of his own. "Sage has been preoccupied, you hacked into his system."

His dad laughed. "I told them what to look for and they found the hook. Sage will bury it once I tell him."

"Why? You could have just called. Let us know you were alive and all."

"Because I don't want Yun Kao to know about you or Sage." His father shushed him as they rounded a corner. In front of them was an iron grill that looked like it had been welded shut.

His father sighed. "Looks like we are finding another way out."

Cruz shook his head. "I may not be Nox, Dad, but I can do this." He seized the power behind the light and fire lept into his hands and he tried to losen the weld with the fire but it didn't work.

"Try a pry bar."

Cruz laughed. "I guess Nox uses fire a lot."

His dad joined in with is laughter. "He does, but only when it's the right tool for the job."

Cruz nodded and tried to take note of it. Earth and Air were a better use here. So he formed an lever and used the power and his own strength to pry the iron grate from the opening to the outside world.
Escape was nigh and they hadn't been followed. And once daylight found them Dorian took a good look at the badge that the man had been wearing. Alistair Pavlo from Vaia Plus... There was something about him in the news recently. Dorian vowed to look into it. Those creatures whatever they where and this man were linked - he was one of them. But how? And now Dorian could only hope that his annoying little pest found his demise. He'd have to send Nox looking for remains, while he explored the connections top side. Maybe the boy would actually be able to help, but he had to set up a meeting with Yun as well. That wasn't going to go well. She'd either kill him, or he'd end up charming her, Dorian could only hope for the later.

They had walked a few blocks lost in their thoughts before Cruz blurted out. "Where have you been?"

Dorian smirked. "Would you beleive someone kidnapped me?"

Cruz stopped and looked at Dorian with a frown. "Yes. Don't keep me in the dark Dad."

Dorian nodded. "Not a boy anymore. I'll tell you what happened, if you tell me what went down at the gala, all I've heard is rumors." Even Yun's people were tight lipped on that.

They talked. Man to man. Father to Son in a coffee shop not too far from where the entrance had let them out. If anyone was following them Dorian hoped they'd get bored. No monsters had, or they'd have mass hysteria outside. Dorian was feeling better and better about the job behind him. But even more concern crept in while Cruz regaled him of the gala events in words that didn't make sense until he connected the dots.

Many more questions...
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