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- Aria - 06-16-2015

How happy are ya'll with the wiki?

I'm in the process of looking for a different host mostly because all my sites are so slow on shared hosting. And I really want to start using my domains again for real things.

Do you like the way this wiki works? Or would you rather have something a little simpler?

I'm considering moving the wiki from Mediawiki to WordPress (I can hear FL groaning now)...

We WILL NOT lose any information if we change platforms I will write a script to convert from one platform to another.

So now is the time to speak up if you think a change is in need. If you don't like WordPress and it would hinder you to using it then I'm okay with staying with mediawiki but it's so clunky for our use that I feel another system might be better for our use case. But not totally my call here.

- Jaxen Marveet - 06-16-2015

As I make Thal and FL post all my wiki related things I don't care. But they may not want to relearn another system. Have to ask them.

- Aria - 06-16-2015

lol that is why I posted this [Image: 18.png] and yes I know you pawn off all your notes and stuff to others, you are good at being lazy.

- Oriena - 06-16-2015

I've never used wordpress. But I'd never used the wiki thing we have now until we had it. So I don't mind.

- Ascendancy - 06-16-2015

With the different system you're proposing, would we all still have individual user accounts (all except jax, clearly) and the ability to edit pages as we go?

Personally, I'm not keen on learning a new formatting 'language' unless its as easy as posting replies to a thread such as what is seen here. That would be a hurdle in my actually using it, but that's just me speaking personally.

- Aria - 06-16-2015

Yes to user individual accounts. WordPress would have a GUI WYSIWIG (What you see is what you get) interface so it's like making a Post in word basically. Linking is a little more difficult out of the box but I can fix that with plugins.

It would be no harder to post than it is here.


And we can set different users to different types of users, editors, contributors etc.

Edited by Aria, Jun 16 2015, 05:48 PM.

- Ascendancy - 06-16-2015

Sounds good. Whatever the group decides, then. *nodnod*

- Aria - 06-21-2015

I will be moving soon. If anyone has any opinions please let me know.

I will move the wiki last so ya'll have a bit more time. I know only a few of us use it.

- Michael Vellas - 06-21-2015

I'm cool with it if you think it is better. I'm sure I can figure it out. I didn't know how to use the first one at the start either.

- Aria - 06-24-2015

I've decided to just leave it alone, it'll be easier in the long run.

But I am transferring hosts, as soon as I'm done transferring files and the database I will move the DNS to the new server.

We might lose access for a little while, but it shouldn't be long as it's only a matter of the changes propagating through the internet.

This new host is MUCH faster, I'm loving what I've used of it thus far.