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Galton Merrick - Rowan Finnegan - 05-08-2019

[Image: paul_prudhomme.jpg?w=284&ssl=1]

The head chef at the Bottom of the Cup Cafe. Galton comes from a long line of Cajun and Creole chefs, gaining much notoriety in his home state of Louisiana. He has decided to accompany Rowan for the express purpose of bringing New Orleans cooking to Moscow. Rowan’s mystical interests have also piqued his curiosity. Galton has zero aptitude for Channeling or any other magical path, but that has not stopped him from reading and researching the topics.

5’6″, 210 lbs. French, Spanish, and Irish descent. Often dresses in all white outfits; button front shirts, sensible slacks, and round hats. Requires a cane to walk. Fiesty and good-natured attitude. Always asking questions. Rules the kitchen with an iron fist.

Owns a flat two blocks down from the cafe. A widower, three children living in America, grandfather of eight boys and girls.