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WoT TV - Thalia - 06-19-2019

So we're getting an announcement today. Confirmation of the casting rumour maybe?

RE: WoT TV - Nox - 06-19-2019

That looks like exactly what is was.... Who was cast as Moiraine!

Pretty sure that was the rumor I saw floating around.

article from dragonmount

RE: WoT TV - Thalia - 06-20-2019

It was the one I saw too. Pretty happy with that.

RE: WoT TV - Jaxen Marveet - 06-20-2019

Not a bad choice. She has a sound to her voice and will nail the death-stare. Also has a sense of agelessness (as close as we mere mortals can achieve it)
I guarantee Caia-mun is disgusted though. hah. 
Thumbs up.

RE: WoT TV - Aiden Finnegan - 06-21-2019

I am incredibly pleased with the choice. Can't wait to see who they pick for Lan, the boys (they better be hot!), the girls, and Siuan.

RE: WoT TV - Jaxen Marveet - 06-21-2019

Lan should be an easy cast. Siuan could be anyone. The girls are easy. Perrin would be easy. Mat may be a little hard. Rand going to be the hardest cast.

RE: WoT TV - Thalia - 06-21-2019

(06-20-2019, 09:19 PM)Jaxen Marveet Wrote: I guarantee Caia-mun is disgusted though. hah. 
Thumbs up.

I had the same thought, haha.

RE: WoT TV - Jaxen Marveet - 06-23-2019

Who will be the next cast-member to be announced? 


RE: WoT TV - Mikhail - 06-24-2019

Fine!! I'll agree to play Tam. Stop pestering me. :-)

RE: WoT TV - Jaxen Marveet - 08-15-2019

Regarding the Emond fielders casting, the most important question to ask:

How tall is Josha Stradowski? Because fuck his looks, acting ability, and hair color. That SOB better be 6'6" or the show is doomed.