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Pupperz - Ascendancy - 09-02-2019

Meet our new Weimaraner puppy! He'll be coming home with us at the end of September. 

[Image: IMG-4216.jpg]

[Image: ee-Ut1-Ag-PQ2ie-Ym-I88-Pg-Pjg.jpg]

We have a top name in mind, but haven't decided for sure. So you creative geniuses share some name ideas!!!

Male silver-gray Weimaraner. His eyes are blue now but they'll turn amber/copper as he grows.
Bigger pup of the litter
Quiet and reserved, but not shy. 
playful but not rough or hyper.
He looks into the world with a soulful gaze. 
Attached. The other pups would come play with me and chew on my shoes but then wander off. He came and sniffed me and would always come back and curl up around my ankles like we were already bonded even after a few minutes. That's how we knew he was the one.

Alright, give me some good dog names! He's going to be a pet, but also a protector and athlete. I want him to go running with me every day!

RE: Pupperz - Thalia - 09-02-2019


RE: Pupperz - Thalia - 09-02-2019

Odin?  Tongue

RE: Pupperz - Nox - 09-02-2019

So cute.

RE: Pupperz - Jaxen Marveet - 09-03-2019

Cute little mutt. Should be a cat.

RE: Pupperz - Ascendancy - 09-23-2019

He's home!! 

Thunder Gandalf the Gray

Wander over to my facebook page for more pictures!

[Image: fullsizeoutput-3536.jpg]
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RE: Pupperz - Nox - 09-23-2019

Love the name and the pictures.