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Open thread - Ryker - 06-23-2020

My newest thread is open for joining to anyone pc or npc.

RE: Open thread - Thalia - 06-23-2020

I almost feel sorry for him. Guess karma's a bitch.

RE: Open thread - Ryker - 06-23-2020

Guess so.

RE: Open thread - Nox - 06-23-2020

will have to see if I can throw anything in. I wasn't sure if you had a plan or not. If I can help in anyway let me know.

RE: Open thread - Ryker - 06-23-2020

No plan in particular. You know me.

RE: Open thread - Nox - 06-23-2020

I kinda figured if you was letting us know it was an open thread Smile

I'll see if I can muster up some reason to have someone there. Sadly none of my Atharim are hunters lol. At least not the type that go after monsters/channelers. Jer is an inquisitor and handles inside witch hunts and Angelika is a scientist. I should probably make a dogmatic Atharim we don't have any left.

RE: Open thread - Marcus DuBois - 06-24-2020

I have someone who can pay you a visit

RE: Open thread - Ryker - 06-24-2020