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- Dorian - 12-31-2017

Dorian's wallet rang and he pulled it groggily from the side table and glanced at the number. The ID said 'Emilio Vega' and he sat up straight. "What happened to mother?"
he asked frantically. His father never called him, and definitely not at whatever time it was.

Dorian sighed as he looked at the time. It was later than he had expected but still his father never called him.

"Son you are still in bed?"

"Late night."
Every night had been a late night since the Ascendancy had revealed gods to the world. And not all of them were cop related.

"But nothing is wrong with your mother, other than disappointment I'm sending Cruz to the Ascendancy's fundraiser for Africa."

"What? He can't go."

"He can. And he will. He is my representative in Moscow. He will go. Or has something changed and you wish to attend in his lieu as my successor."

Dorian sighed. That might almost be more preferable then letting Cruz out of the house. "How many tickets did you buy?"

"Two, I want him to go with someone of stature Dorian."

"No. He will go with me or another capable person to defend him, Father. Moscow is not the world you may think it is."


"No Father. You will listen to me on this. He's getting a bodyguard. Someone I trust with my son's life."

There was a heavy sigh on the other end. "But he will go!"

"As you wish."

"That is what I need. I will send Cruz the information he will need." And then Dorian's father hung up the phone. This was not going to go well. The Atharim were hunting Nox. Probably knew about Cruz and with Ascendancy in attendance what better place to take down a bunch of gods... This was going to end badly.

Now Dorian just had to find Cruz and tell him. And Nox too. "I'm sure both boys are going to love this."
Dorian said as he stepped into his bathroom to grab a shower.