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- Manix - 07-20-2013

The ship and supplies sent back by his father was astounding. No fishing trolley returned, but his fathers custom built schooner. Many of the the family's craftsman and his fathers own "Chief of House" had come to Manix.

Chief, your presence surprises me, a delightful one I must say, but a surprised none the less.
. Chief looks him up and down and smiles: You have read the note, you father wished me to be here with you to get you settled, and to train your House Chief. I fear time grows short.

Chief, these notes explains what I want done and what has already been done, above and below. No man may leave the compound alone. No man is to give any information to anyone, I dont care who they are. If it is a Local authority then bring them to me, but answer no questions. When the work is done, take em all home, save Jackson, Cargo Chief, take him under your wing, he is who I want as my House Chief. Moscow is dangerous, but the danger is in the game. This game I will play why puzzle out the secrets of the scrimshaw.

Satisfied that his orders will be followed, he decides to go for a walk.

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