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Table for one
Mik laughed. "Yeah, I'll tell ya. Hurt like a motherfucker. Not because of the placement. The guy had a heavy hand. And wanted it done all in one sitting. 10 hours, man....shit, my back was hamburger by the end, even with the oxy and vodka. Last time I went with him." His voice dropped a bit lower as he chuckled. "Good thing I had a....friend help to keep it moisturized while it healed. Not easy to reach your own back." Well, more like a couple of friends, actually, Sif, her with the soft small hands, and Viktor, with their meaty paws. A good memory- pain and pleasure. He'd liked that.

Before he could say more the lights dimmed and the show began and Mik's focus was drawn. The girls were hawt, of course. Not that the Kallisti wasn't gonna have the cream of the crop in that department. Still, it wasn't like Mik really understood all the imagery and whatnot. Interpretive dance, or whatever you wanted to call it, wasn't something he was really in to. Kallisti was fun for the tease and the promise. Hahaha! Dumbass. Call it what it was. The best place in Moscow to get a case of blue balls. Cuz it wasn't like you could head into the VIP room and unload with whatever hottie happened to be on stage or running around serving or pretending to be into you.

But he wasn't always about the finish. He liked a chase. And he liked flirting. And often it might go nowhere. And sometimes...well...he did alright for himself.

The guy who came out grabbed his attention. It was a bit dark, so he didn't get to see the eyes, which were his favorite to check out first. But no, his attention was grabbed all the same. Lithe and masculine but with a feminine grace. He couldn't help that his heart raced a bit. Now he was someone to watch!

And there was something else, something that split his face into a grin. Threads of the power were flowing from him around the stage, so many of them in intricate patterns. And it was odd. The sense of...danger he felt from another man's power only made the him hotter. He was magnetic. Mik tried to focus on the weaves but his eyes kept being drawn to the guy.

When it ended, it was as if a balloon popped, and Mik was suddenly able to hear the applause of the audience. Things felt a little more lifeless now. And the guy...well. Yeah, still attractive, but something was missing now. Like the lights had been shut off. He could hear the Lady laughing at him. You dumb-fuck, Mik! Don't you get it? she was saying to him. And despite the loss he laughed along with her. Like he didn't know that the world could change in the blink of an eye. That was fucking joke, after all!

He took a sip of his vodka and was about to say something to Lime Tattoo when someone came up to him. Mik laughed out loud. Scarface was there, shit eating grin on his face! Mik met his grin with a laugh of his own. "Well of course, bro. Like we wouldn't take the opportunity to check out hot men and women every chance we get!" He looked over at Lime Tattoo and waggled an eyebrow and winked at him flirtatiously. "This guy knows." He raised his drink in salute to both of them. "Nostrovia!"
"Good and ill. 
We're like the wind, 
we blows both ways."
- Mad Sweeney, American Gods

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