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Claire had made her peace with fate. Grief was not something she would accept, however. She was angry over the murders. The forges of hatred and need for revenge kept her smiling, but no doubt, she may someday forget the pain of their loss, but she would never forgive.

Her mood mimicked Tony's brief change. He seemed to swing from emotion to emotion almost as fiercely as Claire herself, but the remembrance of what they each endured, she found the strength to make sure it means something.

She pat him on the hand. Who knew if it was encouraging? But there was something about the gesture that rooted her back on planet earth. She had a feeling he could use some grounding also. "I didn't notice a tattoo, but they say that in death we are reborn. Who we were has no bearing on what we will become."
There was a depth in her response that spoke of fate spinning infinite patterns around them, but they still had to make their own path.

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Tony nodded slowly, acknolwledging the possibility of Claire's words. "Michael did say it looked like the Oroboros, a symbol of rebirth and eternity."

Damn him! Tony did not like knowing so little, and right when he needed the bastard he had taken off!

Although, he supposed it might make it a little safer. They were hunting Michael, after all.

"Whatever it means, I plan to find out."

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Claire shrugged. She'd never heard of such a word before. The symbolism was something she appreciated, however. She had her own tattoos, and they were each of deep meaning to her. She smiled her crooked smile, "Don't worry. I'm here now. We'll find out come hell or high water."

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