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Here is a list of the current Partially Playing Characters (PPCs) and their writers in case anyone would be interested in involving them in a thread

<thead><tr><th colspan="2">NOTE: Players may have no more than 3 on-going PPCs at any time. This does not include partially playing character that aren't meant to have more than one appearance.
<td>Scion Marveet</td>
Giordano Pirozzi
Dr. Isaac Flynn
Victor Shcherbakov
Alistair Pavlo

<td>Lucas Andreeff (Upgraded to PC)</td>
Luciano Moretti (Deceased)</td>
<td>Gustavo Perez</td>
Takeo Onoda Affiliates
Junichi Yamada
Kasumi Fujimoto
Sergei Braun</td>
<td>Takeo </td>
Jessika James Thrice </td>
<td>Consul Leonid Pavlovich Bykov
Anatoly Yushakov
Elouera Galloway
Consul Alexandra Lesya Vladislavovna

<td>Marta Gonzales</td>
<td>Baron Declan Darius Ashlan Cooper Gregory</td>
<td> Dane Gregory</td>

PPC's have a limited purpose: i.e. the development of a PC or their storyline. Should they expand, and start having character development and/or growing relationships with other PC's then they are approaching the realm of a PC. If you want to upgrade a PPC to a full fledged PC, a submission of a proper bio and PC application is required .

Should an on-going PPC die in the course of a storyline, then it may be replaced by another. If you let me know of any changes (PC upgrade or character death) I'll note it in the roster.

Feel Free to post a PPC on this thread and I will add it to the roster on top. Include a brief description of who they are and the basic character details like their name, age, and if you like a location. You may include an image with your 'brief', but the basic image guidelines apply:
<dd> </dd>

Keep the picture, style, dress, etc in context with our modern setting and current timeline. You picture must be of an actual person, not a drawing.

Other than that, have fun and I hope this is helpful!

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If anyone needs anything from Jaxen's dad, Scion. Give me a ring.

Name: Giordano Pirozzi
born 1979 (66yrs)
[Image: harrison_ford_05.jpg]

Powers: Sentient (Stength lies in manipulation. Like most hybrids(human/sentient) he prefers the negative emotions)

Giordano was born to a sentient mother and a normal human father who left her when he found out she was pregnant. Giordano's mother gave birth to her son without her sentient family finding out. She left the child for dead in a dumpster behind a local convientent store.

As it happened another Sentinet family found the boy and raised him as their own. They were very clear from the start that Giordano was adopted. When he turned 5, they were surprised he'd develope their talent. They taught him everything they could, but they soon realized he was different than the rest of his brothers and sister. His natural tendancy to be manipulative was only enhanced by his powers. He like making people afraid of him, intimdiating anyone he could, and compelling those who would not be indimitdated.

Giordano married his 'sister' Erica. They had three children (Mara, Lucio and Alessandra) before Erica and Giordano started having issues. Despite living with Giordano her whole life, Erica was fed up with his maniplating her and the kids all the time. She left him, and stayed with her parents for about a year.

During that year Giordano would take the kids on and off. But his manipulations brought the attention of the Atharim. They sent a hunter, Autunna Luna, after him. He manipulated her just like he did everyone else. She fell in love, per his suggestion. And they often shared a bed together.

Autunna came to Giordano with news that she was pregnant. He sent her packing. He knew the child would not survive the Atharim from birth. It was likely a death sentence for both Autunna Luna and the child.

When the hunter had first come to town, Giordano started to see that his wife had been right, and he started the process of mending the fence. Shortly after Autunna left Erica found out she was pregnant with their fourth child (Christina). They got back together for the sake of the children.
Lucas Andreeff
[Image: lucas.jpg]

Made a PC

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Born and raised in Moscow. Lucas turned 26 in 2045. He dropped out of school at 15, addicted to drugs and alcohol by 16. By 17 was so drugged up, he was selling himself just to get the next fix. By 19 he was found in an alley way near to ODing when a kindly gentleman, Valentin Rusikov, found him, took him to the hospital just in time, and then proceeded to care for him even when Lucas didn't want it. By 21 Lucas finally sought rehab do to the encouragement from Valentin. He successfully detoxed and battled with sobriety for another 2 years before it stuck. Lucas has been sober for 3 years, and is attending the Moscow University majoring in art history and running his own tattoo parlor.

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Name: Luciano Moretti
Age: 23

[Image: Luciano_zps6125e206.jpg]

Luciano was born as the son of Atharim parents, Alberto and Maria Moretti. It was his dream to join the Atharim as a hunter and he focused his life on accomplishing that goal. About three years ago, he was approached by his Father who informed him that his Uncle, Francesco, was one of the godlings and needed to be taken care of. Thinking the task would be easy, he brought his son with him. Alberto underestimated his younger brother, who conjured up a storm that killed Alberto and left young Luciano unconscious. Luciano awoke to see his father's body, charred and mangled. He vowed from that day on that he would have vengeance for his father's death. He worked harder and was eventually accepted as a hunter of the Atharim. He would complete several missions over the years, but there was only one target in his mind, and Luciano thought he had finally found his trail. He would find his murderous uncle, Francesco Moretti (unbeknownst to Luciano, he now goes under the name Giovanni Cavelli), amongst the people of Moscow.

Luciano was killed by Giovanni Cavelli in December of 2045 here.

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Cartel Leader: Gustavo Emmanuel Cabrera Perez
Alias: El Sanguinario
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Age: 38

[Image: f72f9fce-f971-4541-917e-b83fd947312b_zps7dc4e3cb.png]

Cartel: Nuevo Leon.

Based off the city of Monterrey, the Nuevo Leon Cartel encompasses all of the Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Zacatecas, and Tamaulipas districts. This cartel focuses on exporting drugs into the United States, and human trafficking throughout its districts and abroad.

Gustavo “El Sanguinario” Perez runs a merciless organization as well as various casinos throughout Mexico and the United States, and a small modeling agency as a side project. While the people of Mexico know of his dangerous ways, his official and public persona is that of a successful businessman. He owns various properties throughout Mexico, most notably his states in Monterrey, Acapulco, Los Cabos, and Mexico City. In the US, he is known to have properties in New York, Texas, and Florida.

Perez’ wife and children spend their time traveling from Monterrey to New York, with occasional stays in Mexico City as well as spending summers in Acapulco. While Perez, travels constantly from his home base in Monterrey to his bigger ventures in the US.
<big>Scion Marveet
Age: Mid 60s.
Father of Jaxen Marveet.</big>

[Image: scion-200-headshot_zps1a912fc9.jpg]


Scion Marveet is one of the world's most powerful men. He is one of the hundred or so billionaires in Moscow, and among them, wields a terrible amount of influence. Scion is a ruthless businessman, but he is loyal to his family and children, wives excluded. His motto is work hard, play hard and take no shit from anyone. He comes from a blue collar Russian family that can trace their lineage many generations back. He, like the men before him, is proud, confident, determined, and tough. He likes women, vodka, and power, but is not foolish enough to assume he can lower his guard at any time. He maintains his presence with constant vigilance and wit to outsmart competition and enemies alike. Scion's reputation is enough to frighten his own children into obedience.

[Image: ScionMarveet200_zps026b5530.jpg]

The Patriarch of the Marveet empire, he is the CEO of the world's largest steel company. He employees hundreds of thousands of people across three continents and is a member of numerous powerful boards including international banking firms, aeronautic technologies, and database search aggregates.

He's also ranking member of the World Steel Association's executive committee, so he has eyes, ears, and hands everywhere. From metal, real estate, communications and transportation, the spine of the world is made from steel. In the enormous world of real estate, land management, and construction the Marveets control all barriers to entry for expansion in the CCD.

What really accelerated the Marveet empire into a worldwide name was the expansion of their high-grade construction steel corporations into lightweight composite materials that blended old-school aluminiums with high-tech fibercarbons. Industries spanning aviation, defense, and automobile depend on contracts elicited by Scion Marveet.

[Image: jaxandscion_zpse6f4466b.jpg]

A man like Scion does not become successful, wealthy and powerful by allowing his emotions to rule his heart and mind. Yet he has a passionate soul. His love can burn equally hot and fast, but his anger can rise cold and ferocious.

Nobody knows Scion better than his ex-wife. They married young as much in love as they were partners. They were married long enough to have one son, Jaxen's oldest brother, before they divorced. They each went on to remarry and have other children, but they couple found themselves entwined in passion years later that resulted in their second son, Jaxen.

[Image: Scion-200_zpsed9a6fa5.jpg]

Dark black hair touched with gray at the temples but without any sort of receding hairline. He wears his hair long enough to tuck behind both ears. A full beard, when he wears one, is thick and well-groomed and more ashen white than black at his age. An expectant presence makes up for height so that he dominates the rooms he enters. He prefers dark, neutral colors: dark gray or black suits and simple patterns for his ties or shirts.

Below is a list of known affiliates of Takeo Onoda, Privelege of Dominance IV. More will be added as it is known to us.

[Image: 6744c5bb-b498-4a07-8a07-6da4bb8bb565_zpsd19f6717.jpg]

Junichi Yamada

Jun, as he is most often known, has been a long-time ally of Takeo Onoda and currently serves as the Privelege's Staff Manager. Trained in the very school from whence the more infamous Tokeo emerged - The Kago - Junichi has remained true to his instructions and stayed well within the Privelege's far-reaching shadow.

After the fall of The Kago, Jun joined the ranks of CDPS and eventually floated into the Ghost Bureau. It was rumored he was so good at his job that he ceased to exist altogheter.

That is, until Privelege Onoda called upon him to serve as his right hand. It is not entirely clear to the public what functions Jun actually serve, however it is clear that Takeo Onoda is rarely, if ever, seen without his shadow in tow.

Physical/Psychological: Junichi lost both eyes in an unforgetable episode of The Kago. His vanquisher let him live - a gift for which he will forever be shamed - but he eventually was given mechanical implants. His eyes are now a ghostly blue - a visible mark he must wear - but contain a variety of useful functions, including infrared and ultraviolet filters as well as telescopic capabilities. Otherwise, Jun is an unremarkable man of average height, lean build and obvious Asiatic features. He rarely speaks publicly, unless instructed to by the Privelege, but seems to maintain a close relationship with Onoda and the rest of the Privelege's selective staff.

[Image: 9c2b5e0c-5449-4b70-ba97-9cad9aae3485_zps2e2337d5.jpg]

Kasumi Fujimoto

Raised Yakuza, Kasumi grew quickly into a prodigy in electronics and cybernetics. She also achieved some fame as the hacker Roku, who allegedly infected the United States Government's military servers to the codenamed Groundhog virus. The U.S. still occassionally releases old directives repackaged as new orders, with often lethal, if hilarious, results.

It is not clear how Fujimoto ever became entangled with Onoda, however she now serves as the Privelege's Media Manager, both privately and, to some degree, in connection with the various media outlets owned by him. She often serves more as a personal assistant than anything else.

Physical/Psychological: Young, cocky and often off-the-handle, Fujimoto seems to take orders from only one man - and he is not the Ascendancy. Often relagated as a younger sister to the Privelege in the media, the sharp-tongued tech wizard nonetheless speaks her mind if put in front of the mic. She remains visibly unstable, putting to question the Privelege's own choices, yet appears to be going nowhere soon.

[Image: ec56b70c-61fb-4a56-b4f9-ecaf064e9da1_zps1da68508.jpg]

Sergei Braun

Former GSG9, Braun was reassigned specifically as Onoda's personal bodyguard by the Ascendancy himself. His background in anti-terrorism and previous successes in multiple hostage crises and VIP transport have made him a logical addition to Onoda's team.

Personally and socially, Sergei has no more in common with the Privelege than their years of combat training, and it shows at times. There is a distance between Braun and the rest of Onoda's team, though neither seems interested in defying the Ascendancy by disengaging just yet.

Physical/Psychological: Of apparent mixed German-Russian decent, Sergei is a large man and solid as they come. He has little love for the former Ninja, but serves his post with respect and ferocity. Intensely loyal to the Ascendancy, at times he seems on hand only as a reminder of the supreme commander's presence in conjunction with Tokeo's own larger-than-life personality.

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[Image: 38ad65f7-500c-408d-a0b9-7047f199f917_zpsdae6f60c.jpg]
<big>Jessika James Thrice</big>

Known as the Grassroots Princess
, Jessika is a leading public figure in the state of Texas who will be running for Governor in the next election. She has a striking ability to recruit support from wealthy southerners regardless of party lines under a platform of widespread reformation. In fact, the Citizens for Reformation Campaign
, the state's largest succession support group, are her primary financial supporters.

Jessika is a native Texan from Wichita Falls, a small town north of Dallas. She has always been a leader and co-founded and built Dallas's greatest and largest Evangelical Christian church. She is widely beloved by the conservative and Christian community, offering messages of hope and healing to her fans. Left-wing supporters are drawn to her practical political stances, primary among them being the formation of an independent Texan government.

She has frequent television appearances and has authored multiple best-selling books. The disappearance of her husband, Jensen James, has been spun to be a tragic loss rather than the controversy of illegality and betrayal it really was. Unbeknownst to Jensen, his abandonment of her only garnered her sympathy and support: making her a role model for overcoming adversity to women across the country.

Jessika is the mother of two sons: Gabriel, aged 10 and Malachi, aged 7.

Bachelors - Texas Christian University

Committed to Service
A History of Strength
A Future for Texas

[Image: JTsmall_zps17859a41.jpg]

NPCs- Associates of Marcus DuBois at the Executive Office of the Ascendancy. More bios to come.

Media Affairs - Anatoly Yushakov- 37
[Image: adam-levine-perfume.jpg]
Anatoly's rise in the media world began when he was just 15. A musical prodigy, he'd learned to play multiple instruments and electronic editing tools, and while still a young teen, began to experiment with mixing sounds in very unique ways.

Influenced by the growing power and wealth of the ASU in the 2020's, he created music that reflected the growing optimism that was sweeping the region as the ASU continued it's new ascent after decades of marginalization. His music contained elements that seemed to evoke the glorious past of the Russian empire of Czar Nicholas and Catherine the Great but projected on a larger and more powerful canvas. Then, as the Ascendancy grew, consolidated and rebranded the ASU as the CCD, his music took on more futuristic themes and sounds. Large, bombastic, percussive and bass heavy elements pervaded his music and stirred up the emerging spirit of the empire.

After winning numerous accolades and awards, he was repeatedly sought out by other musicians to produce for them as well. A charismatic icon and savvy businessman, his influence and wealth grew at a rapid pace, and by his late 20's he soon found himself not simply a producer but a media mogul with hands not just in music but also movies, fashion and in the news. By his 30's he was sought out by Consul Bykov as a consultant to the Consulate on Communications, as he seemed to have an uncanny ability to hone in on and stoke the feelings and impressions of large masses of people through his many media outlets.

Eventually, he was invited to join the Consulate as Director of Media Affairs, working directly under Bykov himself. His Directorship oversees all CCD media ventures in every form, and even includes a Religious Dialog department for the use of media to guide and influence religious sentiment.

He is a public figure in the CCD, seen at Gala's, movie premiers, elite parties, and the most expensive clubs, often, but not always, dressed flamboyantly. He continues to produce music, though that is no longer his primary concern. His latest projects were with Pushkin's Bear and Onyx.

Religious Dialog -Elouera Galloway- 31
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