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Full Version: Archangel thread (combat)
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Not sure how we want to do this.

There are four of us.

Grand melee? Everyone against everyone.

Or do we want to set up a winner takes on the next one?

We can assume a winner or do something random for each match. Or even if all four are against each other.

I'm game for whatever you all want to do.
That is absolutely NO help [Image: 18.png]
:-D you know me. Always like to help when I can.
Up for whatever :-p
Grand Melee. Hopefully you all kill each other.
Yall are no help. Cept mickey v who anwered

Fine then i) figure something out :p
You would have two characters in there - what would be easier for you?
I have the mechanism nailed down now.

We'll do two pairing (random). We spar... then the winners spar and the losers spar.

Random List gave me this random order:

Aria v Jacinda

Martin v Yoshi

Let's try to keep this short... so random outcomes make it fair. (roll a number on this page from 1 to 20) - highest number wins:

Aria - 5
Martin - 20

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