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On Matters of Succession
[Image: 3rdage_9.jpg?w=500&ssl=1]

                Letto entered the would-be Lord’s chambers after her Aes Sedai. She had planned on going in before Vivienne, but the woman charged through the doors after forcing them open with the Power. They came into a small sitting room paneled in dark varnished wood, a small hearth set into the north wall of the room and thick curtains concealed glass casements, an immense bookcase between the curtains and above the hearth, contained a variety of tomes and a few antiques scattered amongst its shelves. Mirrored stand lamps sat in each corner adding to the light cast by the fireplace. A few tasteful paintings and tapestries covered the bare spots on the walls and three satin chaise lounges crowded around the hearth. Lord Merdyn sat on the one closest to a door set in the western wall, no doubt to his bedchamber, a young serving man stood by the fire.

                Vivienne moved into the room, introducing herself and Letto. Lord Merdyn had the young serving man pour wine for the Aes Sedai, and he lounged upon the chaise considering Vivienne. She returned the gesture on the opposite couch. Letto moved next to the door they had just entered from, folding her arms under her bosom and watching, listening for anything that might threaten her charge.

                Lord Merdyn and Vivienne Sedai watched each other in silence. Letto could feel nervousness through the bond, although Vivienne didn’t display anything on her face other than utter calm. The Aes Sedai cocked an eyebrow at the man before looking into her wine, sipping thoughtfully. Letto looked from them to the serving man. He was dressed in fine, Camelyn livery with the lion of Andor sewn across his breast. The young man had a pretty face, but only had eyes for his lord. Curious. Surely this man was of the Daughter-Heir’s employ. Why had he looked upon the would-be lord with such reverence?

                “A fine day to you, Vivienne Sedai,” Lord Merdyn finally broke the silence in a smooth tone.

                “As to you, Merdyn Gilyard,” Vivienne replied simply.

                The man furrowed his brow for a brief second before sipping at his wine again. The silence stretched on for another moment before he intoned once more.

                “To what do I owe the pleasure? Surely you have far more important duties to be attending to for the Daughter-Heir.”

                “Which is why I have called upon you, Gilyard.”

                “Oh? Then am I right in assuming this has to do with my claim upon my Father’s house?”


                Letto sat there, smug as a cat with crème. She loved it when Vivienne acted a proper Sister, speaking simply and letting the other person sweat a little. They were of the White Tower. The authority of Amrylin Seat hovered over every action they performed, every word spoken or unspoken. This ex-Asha’man knew that, surely. Let him stew a little and plead for their help. Letto didn’t like it, but if they had to do it, the least he could do was beg. Her lips tightened into a satisfied grin, Vivienne affected no notice of it or Letto’s emotions.

                “Have you been briefed on the matter?”

                “Indeed I have, Gilyard.”

                The manservant topped off the goblets that Merdyn and Vivienne held. Merdyn looked into his own cup before finding the right words to go on with.

                “And what do you think? I suspect you’re either here to chide me or assist me. Which is it?”

                Vivienne snorted and sipped at her glass. She spoke slowly.

                “That depends, Gilyard. Are you here to assist in the Succession or are you merely an opportunity seeker? What of your connections to the Black Tower?”

                Merdyn’s eyes flashed hot pokers at Vivienne.

                “My loyalties lie with Andor. They always have.”

                “But as an initiate of the Black Tower, you renounced such ties. What is your game, man?”

                Letto couldn’t help but chuckle at that. Vivienne ignored her, but she felt the frustration through the bond. The Aes Sedai would be giving her an ear-boxing after this meeting, there was no doubt about that. Still, Letto’s little laugh didn’t do much to derail the upper hand that Vivienne held. Merdyn needed them. He couldn’t very well storm a stronghold on his own, no matter his strength in the Power.

                The two of them, Vivienne and Letto, had been briefed on the young Lordling’s past and his predicament. Daddy caught him fooling around with a farmhand and went down a dark path. The man’s father killed the farmhand and his entire family for the presumed ‘shame’ that Merdyn had brought on their house. Not only that, but apparently the Father had a plot in motion to wed his son to the Daughter-Heir. She had laughed it all off, but the ploy had run deep and for all intents and efforts, it had appeared that Merdyn opposed the plan. Lucky for him. The Daughter-Heir would never take a dandy puff as a consort. No offense to him, but by the way that servant was gazing upon him, Letto would assume that the pair had engaged in relations before the meeting.

                How very improper.

                Couldn’t Vivienne see that this man was a piece of slime? Not to mention doomed. He was a man that could touch the Source. Clearly, Vivienne didn’t want to work with him for his own gain. Didn’t she? Letto didn’t, and she had made that known. They had set out to care for those that couldn’t defend themselves. When did they get caught up in politics? Sure. Many Blues sought out the webs woven by Lords and Ladies, but Viv was different. Why was she doing this? It was maddening, and no explanation she had given was satisfactory.

                Letto groaned internally and watched on as the Lord Merdyn made a fool of himself.

                They’d be back in the New City in a day or two. Vivienne wouldn’t help this man. No matter what the Daughter-Heir said.

"We are the sisters of the Moon." - Siobhan's hit single, 'Silver Skans'

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