Basic Stats

Age: 29
D.O.B: ???
Origin: Camelyn, Andor
Current Location: The White Tower
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Occupation: Warder to Vivienne Accylon
Talent: Wolfkin
Alignment: Lawful Good
Loyalty: White Tower
Past Lives: Siobhan West (1st Age)
Played By: Aiden_Finnegan

Psychological description

Hard and loyal to her Aes Sedai, has been ostracized by many in her life, save Vivienne. Judgemental and suspicious of most, constantly urges caution to her Aes Sedai. Loyal to the Tower as well and the law of the land. Feels a great love for the common people, especially those of Andor and Tar’Valon. Tends to grow restless, typically likes to exercise and run about forests on a daily basis. Can be graceful and delicate when she wants to be, but otherwise exhibits a feral attitude towards the world at large.

Physical description

5’11”, slender waist and curvy frame, long blonde hair with a light wave to it; often worn free, sometimes in a thick braid. Sun-kissed skin and warm, bronze eyes that glow in the night. Typically wears leather or light armor adorned with a blue cloak, the flame of Tar’Valon embroidered in thread-of-gold across the back. Only wears her Warder cloak when on official business, tasks, or traveling. Has been known to sport a fine, silken gown from time to time, but only when her Aes Sedai feels that they can be at ease. Carries a fine sword at her hip and a longbow at her back.



((WIP 12/19/2018))




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