When two channelers are relatively equal in raw strength in the Power, as determined by genetics, experience will be the determining factor in the outcome of any duel between them.  Therefore, for any given channeler, we will maintain a running tally of their sheer volume of raw strength and place them in one of the following experience categories:


Cannot channel on command or may be unaware he/she is channeling at all.  


Can channel on command, using more than one thread at a time.


Can channel on command and under duress.  May control more than one weave at a time.


Can channel under extreme duress.  May maintain expert-level weaves with focus split on another task – such as channeling and fighting at the same time.  May create enormous or complex weaves on command.


We will maintain the established WoT-channeler’s scale to keep track of female channelers.  When you submit your character’s background, you will request their level of channeling strength once you reach your full potential.  Do not assume this request will be granted.  It will be considered both in context with the rest of your character submission and in regards to the number of current characters already at that level.

Average strength of all female channelers (including NPCs): Level 6

Average strength of a PC: Level 18 – 25.

Exceptional strength for a PC: Level 35 – 38. 

Maximum: 38


We will also maintain the established WoT-channeler’s scale to keep track of male channelers.  it is difficult to make direct comparisons of strength between males because there is no way to determine a male’s potential strength until he simply ceases to grow any stronger.  There is also no way for males to sense the strength of another male except by how much of the Power he holds.

Average strength of all male channelers (including NPCs): Level 9

Average strength of a PC: Level 27 – 37.

Exceptional strength for a PC: Level 38 – 42. 

Maximum: 42


When considering a duel with another channeler, strength plays a role.  However, skills, talents, experience, intelligence and character are just as important in contests involving the Power as raw strength.  Therefore, strength alone should not be used to determine the outcomes of any duel.

Should a one-on-one contest be necessary, among a given strength-level, it will be the character with the higher experience level most likely to come out the victor.  

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