Channeling is basically our magic system.  

You will find the parameters regarding channeling laid out on the following pages.   As authors we must understand how channeling works, but remember your characters will largely be unaware of the act until they try something, and learn if it fails or succeeds, or if someone teaches them.  

On that note, the physics of channeling is the same as it is described in the Wheel of Time.  For a thorough review of this process, check out this article from the WoT Wiki: The One Power.  In short, there are 5 threads which holds the universe together: Air, Water, Spirit, Earth, and Fire.  A channeler has the ability to manipulate these threads which appear as faint, thin lines to their eyes, in any manner of combinations.  The more powerful the channeler, the more threads which may be woven at the same time and in one or more weaves.  Men are naturally adept at Fire and Earth, and women are naturally adept with Air and Water.  While actively channeling, the sensation felt is described as exhilarating.  In fact, without learning control, the Power can become very addictive.